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This is a repost from my blog of a review of the newest ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

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The Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) just launched 

And it has been all over the Internet

You might have seen YouTubers do reviews and tutorials on this palette within this couple weeks

I was overly excited when I first saw it on Instagram since I always want to try the eyeshadow from ABH and god knows how much I love berry shades

It might not available in store yet but you can find them on sephora.com or ABH’s website

It arrived on the second day I ordered, and I am so excited to swatch it and share with you

Let’s test this palette out together!


This palette comes with 14 colours and a double ends blending brush

10 matte shades and 4 shimmer shades

Colour range is from yellow tone to red tone


The first three shades I swatched are Tempera, Golden Ochre and Vermeer

These three are the most basic colours in this platte but I will say they are the essential as well

You could find colours that are similar to these in many other palette but it is always good to have  some light blending shades specially in a bright colour palette

Vermeer is a very lovely pink undertone shimmer colour that are perfect for highlighting


The next three colours are Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange and Primavera

Again, the highlight shade is super pretty and high pigmented

Primavera is a golden highlight colour that would go well with a bronze look

Burnt Orange is one of my favourite colours from this palette

It is a muddy pale orange with a right amount of yellow under tone

Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna look kind of similar in the picture but in real life you can tell the left one is a brown and the right one is a orange


Moving on to the darker shades

From left to right: Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber

I’m not a fan of purple but Buon Fresco is so unique and I have not seen any colour like this before

This is a lavender purple with slightly grey under stone that would be so beautiful all over the lids

Antique Bronze is one of the two shimmer shade in darker colour

It is a cooper brown colour

And it is not as shiny as the previous two highlight colours


Now we are at the section of “why I bought this palette”

Red Ochre is a brownish red that stand out to me the most, love the combination of brown and red

Venetian Red is a bloody burgundy berry colour that are super vibrant

And it is also a shimmer shades but only with a tiny of reflection, which is almost matte

Warm Taupe is a grey that could be a blending shade

Realgar is another favourite of mine, which is a dusty orange

Compare to burnt orange, Realgar is darker and more with a brown tone

I created a eye look with this palette and forgive me that its not perfect since it was totally unplanned

I used Tempera to blend out the edges to make the outer colours transit well from my skin colour

Brunt orange on the crease, Red Ochre below the crease and a little of Realgar in between

Red Ochre and Realgar all over the bottom and Cyprus Umber on the lash line

And I used Cyprus Umber to create the wings as well



Overall, I think this palette is great

All the colours are high pigmented and easy to blend

The texture is buttery and go on smoothly on the lids

Even though this palette targets on berry colours, it is still a everyday palette since it has some earth tone.

And adding some vibrant colours on everyday basis would be fun

The only thing I need to say is don’t be greedy while grabbing colour

It is very high pigmented and it could be powdery if you take too much

So remember to be light-handed or tap out the excess before applying

And of course you can build it up for more intensity

I’m so happy to have this in my collection

Thank you for reading my post

Hope you have a great time here

So happy that I could share my opinion with you

If you have this palette as well let me know what do you think

Or if you know any other red tone palettes please comment below, I would love to try out more!

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