As a boy, I can remember seeing some men in an aluminum fishing boat with a small motor heading out to fish.  All they had for an anchor was a concrete block on the end of a rope.  For what they needed it was more than enough.  They just wanted to find a spot at the edge of a calm lake and then use the anchor to keep them from drifting too far as the relaxed and fished.

    If they had been in a larger boat on a rough lake, that anchor would have been useless.  An anchor that is good on a calm day is not the same as an anchor that is needed on a stormy sea.

    The same is true in our daily life.  The anchor we use to keep us on track during good times may not be good enough to keep us on track during a storm.

    Hebrews 6:18 and 19 tells us, “We have run to God for safety. Now his promises should greatly encourage us to take hold of the hope that is right in front of us.  This hope is like a firm and steady anchor for our souls.”

    What are you using for an anchor?  When hard time comes, remember, God’s promises make a perfect anchor.

Published by Ray Richards