In a matter of four days, I crossed off a bucket list item, managed to finally purchase a mode of transportation, and spent two lovely days with one of my best friends.  Taipei, to start the new year, was a dream and a half.

One of my bucket list items for quite some time was to spend New Years’ Eve celebrating in a big city where there were fireworks, music, and lots of people.  Just to be surrounded by all the hype and the happiness oozing from the crowds and crowds of people, I wanted to experience that firsthand.  And I did, at the cost of standing sardined on a train for 2.5 hours and sleeping in till noon on January first, but even with that, I have no complaints.

I had visited Taipei before, but briefly in the spring and only for training in August, alas I didn’t have proper time to see very much and explore off the beaten path.  We found a creative park, and then we spent the evening on the Ferris Wheel in the north of Taipei City, overlooking the skyscrapers and the night life down below.

My last day in Taipei, we trained to Tamsui.  Tamsui is a harbor right on the Pacific Ocean complete with markets, the lovers’ bridge, and a short boat ride to the fisherman’s wharf for 60 NT.  For being someone who grew up always near water, Tamsui was like going to the spa.  To reach my hand off the edge of the boat, feeling the saltwater splashing onto my finger tips, the ocean breeze misting onto my face and through my hair…honestly, I was in paradise.

The only downer from the weekend was that it had to end, honestly.  But here’s to good friends, amazing memories, and future adventures to come.  2017, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

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Published by Marie Soukup