Always with me and Empower Excellence, there has been talk and wonder and images of butterflies, but today changes everything!

And it truly began at midnight today…unexplainable inability to get to sleep.  Tired, exhausted, but no sound sleep.  Nothing helped….meditations included.  And Friday mornings are always powerful meditation times for me.  Another unexplainable phenomenon.  But today blew my mind beyond any imagining!

This week has been a proving ground of my ability and intention to help others in many ways…too numerous to mention and not important any more.  It is what I do.  But this morning, after finally getting a few solid hours of sleep, a friend’s FB post caught my attention.  I responded with a suggestion.  The next immediate post was a potential solution for her.  I shared.  Then a friend posted the most wonderful meditation  I have ever seen or heard in almost 20 years of meditating.  It was an OMG moment, which I shared in appropriate places.  And Doreen Virtue always out there with strong messages told me it as time for me to listen to my inner child, to care for that inner child, and it just kept coming.

This coming weekend is “scheduled” for me to really get my current business “plan” down on paper!  And all of this flows into that…  There is a proverb on my bedside table that reads “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly…”  And I became the butterfly this morning.  The transformation is complete after all of these years, I am a butterfly, the symbol of transformation.  I am shaken, I am not of this world right now.  And I am happy!  I cannot say more than that…

Published by Janice Marie