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Lisboa is a very beautiful city, one of the reasons of it is Belem, if you go to Lisboa, you have to go to Belem, there you have the Belem Tower, which may not be interesting at all but its view from the Tajo river is totally amazing and of course, the best part from Belem, at least for me, is the factory of "Pasteis de Belem" which is a huge cafeteria near to the "Monasteiro dos Jeronimos", and is specially recognized for its unique recipe from the "pasteis de nata" which you'll just find here!

There are so many beautiful antique buildings! There you have the St. George's Castle where you'll have one of the best views from the city and the sea, and if you like the historical places this could be one of the best castles because most of the things in there, are intact. Another interesting place in Lisboa is Sintra, there is the Pena National Palace which is completely colorfull, in this palace you will see an amazing combination of colors! And the Sintra National Palace which has a great combination of colors too, but an awesome thing in both castles is the view, it is definitely spectacular! 

But Lisboa is not only antique building, you'll find some beautiful Mediterranean beaches here just like the Rainha Beach or the Queen's Beach, these are two of the most beautiful beaches in the city!

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