Did you know that right now, in this very moment in time, angels are at work where you are?

It is a strange statement to open with, but Yahweh wants to open your eyes to this truth. Right now, you are not alone. Angels are filling the room you are in.

For some of you, they are there to help you and to report back to our Abba in heaven. (Matth 18:10) For some of you, they are standing there ready to help and assist you but right now you have chosen to sin so they cant help. They can only watch what is happening and report back to Abba in heaven. But they are watching in astonishment how some of you who knows the truth, who knows the word of Yahweh can so easily choose to sin. (Hebr 1:14)

We are not to talk to angels or to worship them. (Col 2:29, Rev 22:9). Angels respond only to Abba in heaven and He has commanded them to help those of us who trust in Yeshua and His death for our sins. if you tried to talk to them, or to worship them they would not respond. But you would commit a great sin by doing so, a sin that will make them draw back for some time. Angels are holy and they hate sin just as much as Abba does. So they can not remain in the presence of sin, but Abba has decided that we are allowed to choose sin, even if it means we will loose our soul.

So instead of intervening, they will draw back when we choose to sin. And if we remain in sin, they will one day leave us and we will be lost.

They Bible does not teach our salvation is dependent on angels and their presence. No our salvation is dependent on our trust, and our continued trust in Yeshuas death on the cross for our sins. But Abba has given us angels to help us in our walk, and to protect us. And as long as our trust is right our angels will remain. But when and if we choose to move our trust away from the cross, our angels will one day leave and that day we will have lost our souls.

I have personally seen with my own eyes people who have lost their angels. Its not a pretty sight when you see the darkness that envelopes them and you know there used to be angels there. And I have seen angels assigned to believers walking on a long distance behind them because these people have chosen sin over righteousness.

For some of you who have lost your angels there is a way back, the angel you had is waiting in heaven for you to make the decision again to trust Yeshua and His death for you on the cross.

Remember this, religious duties and religious disciplines are just as much a sin as adultery and murder. Our choice to trust in Yeshua and His death on the cross for our sins is the only way to righteousness and reconciliation to Yahweh.

So choose today to trust in Yeshua dying for you on a cross, and choose to continue to trust in Yeshua dying for you on a cross. That way your angels will remain close to you, and report back to Abba that you are righteous and in covenant with Him because of your trust in Him.


Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com