Anger is not a sign of a loving relationship, anger is not a sign of love!

However, anger is a part of everyday life and a feeling many people deal with. How can you deal with feelings of anger accordingly. So many people react on something which has occurred with angry feelings. Word and or actions often come into plays which are fueled by anger.

Letting your anger take control of you, is only relinquishing your responsibility to control your temper. In the moment of anger you lose your mind and have no fear of the outcome. Once the anger has cooled down, this is when you see the damage done.

Maybe you said things to your partner because you were angry. It could have been your boss who upset you, and you took it out on the rest of the world.

Anger is a very difficult emotion to control, but you must find a way to cool done before you react, not after. Your reaction says a lot about who you are. Think before you speak and react to anything which may upset you. Sure it’s easy to say before it occurs, but teach yourself how to control feelings of anger before it happens.

Did you ever have a day that started out great and you just knew the entire day would be perfect! Then it happens, you are sitting in your car waiting at the traffic light and someone rams into your car from behind. This can set the average person off very quickly. You have to always be ready for the unexpected to happen. This will help you in your reactions to anything that can occur throughout your day which can set you off. If you are the type of person who reacts first and asks questions later. This is especially for you, because it is so important that you learn control.

Here is the dumbest thing I ever heard, not only did I hear it I listened and tried it.

When feeling angry, as the anger is building simply count out loud. Loud and aggressive.

  • One Potato

  • Two Potato

  • Three Potato

Continue to count until you reach ten. By the time you reach ten that crazy out of control feeling of anger will be gone. I know this sounds like something you would tell a child to do and sounds ridiculous, but it does work. Don’t worry about who is watching you or who might hear you. Remember there will always be a reaction to your actions and if anger is involved the reaction is usually a negative one.

Published by Josephine Conde