Its common courtesy to say please, excuse me and thank you. It must have been determined too that its common courtesy to blend in, nod your head and not say too much. Because if there’s anything society hates, its a person whose willing to speak. Willing to speak against the crimes of humanity. Willing to speak against social injustices. Willing to challenge ‘society’. Yes am black. Yes am a woman. Yes I am speaking up about something. So you’ve labelled me an ‘angry black girl’. You say I should get over it because its not really a problem. People are dying horrific deaths in Syria. Our black men are getting shot in front of their children. And we line up behind them. But when it comes to light that an innocent african girl is brutally raped on the regular by the very people who should be a figure of peace and safety. And she can’t turn to those who should protect her because she is guilty. Guilty of being raped. She must have been provocative to some extent. Her dress must have been to revealing. She must have offended him. Because its ridiculous to even consider that she was the victim and when we do consider her the victim, its not a big deal. I mean, look around. The world is dying, We have bigger issues to deal with.

All am asking is, isn’t that little girl human too? What makes her abuse any less of a crime. She’s a part of us and the crimes against her cannot go unpunished. Does it reverse the effects of what happened to her? No. But why do we have court systems and laws in place. In the absence of justice, people run wild and feel free to commit these sins. So I ask that she be avenged. That her problem be acknowledged. That she be accepted as a member of society.

I'm tired of being labelled the angry black girl making noise about nothing. All I ask is that people wake up to reality before its too late. It's a lot easier on your conscience, if you told yourself it was happening in a remote village somewhere in Africal. It's a lot easier to tell yourself that it doesn't hurt to stay quiet. It's a lot easier to tell yourself that it doesn't concern you.

Just like it was much easier for the Titanic to receive that fateful telegraph and ignore it. But I bet it wasn't so easy to realize it was too late.

Published by Yvonne Kanyi