Yuri on Ice is an anime I have been hearing about for a while now. I finally decided to watch the first episode recently and was blown away by this series. Yuri on Ice focuses on the fall and rise of Japanese figure skater named Yuri Katsuki. The first episode shows Yuri's reaction to his embarrassing failure during the Grand Prix Final. He is scolded by another Yuri, Yuri Plisetsky.


Plisetsky suggested that Katsuki should retire due to his last place finish. Having won the on the junior level, Plisetsky has decided that he will join the senior level and that two Yuri's are unnecessary. Katsuki takes a sabbatical from skating, graduates from college, fires his coach and returns home. He comically gains weight and is uncertain of his skating future.



After, Victor Nikiforov wins his fifth consecutive World Championship, Katsuki returns to the skating rink, where he learned to skate and reconnects with his childhood friend Yuko Nishigori. He practices the skating routine of Victor Nikiforov perfectly, he is secretly recorded by Yuko's triplets. They post the video on the internet, going viral. Victor also sees the video and comes to Hasetsu to coach Yuri to victory.



Yuri on Ice has gorgeous animation, it's use of fluid artwork and the camera work is stunning. This results in a very accurate depiction of figure skating. The shows creator's intended to accurately recreate skating routines. Kenji Miyamoto was brought in, to do the choreography sequences for the series, each skater is given a unique style. I generally don't care for the sports genre in anime, but this series is a except. If you love anime you must watch this series.


Published by Jerrell Robertson