Ixion Saga DT is an anime based off of an online game, because those are known for their compelling narratives and not the high amount of repetitive grind at all. Although, to be fair to the concept, I’ve looked at an anime based off of a Pachinko machine that was quite good. This anime was written by Yamatoya Akatsuki and developed by our old friends at Brain’s Base. Which is a bit of a mixed sign since they’ve done some good stuff, some kind of mediocre stuff and some stuff that’s utter shite. Let’s see where this one falls.



Young Hokaze Kon is a gamer. While playing Monster Hunter, or a game featuring very similar encounters with massive monsters, he meets a young lady player. They talk on the voice chat and she manages to get him to agree to help her. Which results in him being transferred to another world, chair and all. He accidentally falls on top of a man, saving a small group that was being cornered by him and his goons. Kon agrees to travel with the people he inadvertently rescued in order to find a way back to his own world. Together, they head on their journey to get an eight year old princess married for political reasons while also finding a way for Kon to return so he stops bothering everyone with his existence. Various shenanigans ensue.

The most pervasive problem with this series is the humor. It’s built around subverting tropes and doing the unexpected. However, half the time it just draws attention to the fact that what it’s doing is clichéd and its jokes that are actually subverting regular tropes are mostly really obvious, making the punch lines predictable before the set-ups are even done. The consequence, in either case, is that the comedy falls pathetically short. The story itself is very shallow, relying heavily on those comedic elements both to provide entertainment and to distract from the obvious element that’s incredibly not okay. IE, the eight year old's wedding. Another issue with the comedy is that the series likes to repeat itself. There are multiple cases where they’ll have a jape and then quickly repeat the jape twice more in a very short amount of time. I guess they just really wanted to run those jokes into the ground or maybe they thought if it didn’t make you laugh the first time, it would the third time.

To its credit, there are a few funny scenes and the stuff that doesn’t work is more stupid than it is annoying or painful. I also do appreciate the way they subvert the usual unfunny trans-gender jokes you get in anime. 


Most of the characters in this are just boring and pretty one-note. Then you have Kon himself. He’s the worst part of this series. Definitely among the more annoying protagonists I’ve seen. Yeah, he’s better than Shinji Ikari, but that’s not saying much. On the plus side, the moments where he’s in pain are cathartic.



The artwork is pretty good. The background details are nicely fleshed out. The biggest issue with it is just that the comedic exaggeration scenes can be excessive and, like the comedy in general, they don’t really work well.


As a whole, the acting is perfectly passable, but not anything great. Fukuyama Jun does really well making him one of the few male voice actors I’ve heard play a female character well. Eguchi Takuya, in contrast, is really bad in this. To be fair to him, he was good in OreGairu. In this case, he wasn’t given much to work with. I don’t think anyone could have made Kon’s dialogue sound good.The music isn't very good. The opening theme is kind of annoying too. 


There’s a little. It’s established early on that Mariandale attracts both men and other women.

Final Thoughts:

Ixion Saga DT is not a good series. The comedic elements largely fall flat. The main character is a constant annoyance and there’s just not much to recommend it. That being said, I wouldn’t call it terrible since most of its faults aren’t particularly egregious. My final rating is a 3/10. 

Published by Mischa A