I kind of welcome this rainy season with all things I can play around from my wardrobe.

I always try to look for something warm and cozy to wear these days, something that can have a shout out to the world that “hey, it’s autumn, it’s cold in here” although there are days which is really not cold AT ALL, and even slightly sunny. Haha. OK. Hope that this tropical girl would be sympathized as one who are too obsessed with all the fall fashions  from Korea and Japan.

This sweater really gave me an effortless feeling that I extremely love. Nothing can beat that feeling when people think you don’t try too hard at all LOL. In order to make this look more “autumn”, I again abuse those boots. To be honest, I don’t usually wear boots (well, again, you know, it’s tropical thing), I was a bit embarrassed at first, whether I should tug these straight leg jeans into them or cover them or what else? When I tugged them, I didn’t find comfortable seeing my legs in the mirror, the jeans didn’t properly fit in those shoes, since they are not skinny enough. Luckily, I didn’t mind staying some more seconds before rushing out, literally googling how to style them. I think it was lucky I did that, to save my whole outfit from looking dull. Hehe.

I as well did learn something about styling a pair of ankle boots with jeans, which I will have one other single How-to post after this one. The way I wear this pair of ankle boots brought a casual tone (as some fashion mentor who saved my outfit has said), which I believe would suit the tone of being effortless as well.

So, it’s photo time down there. Enjoy!

5 Jul 2016



Published by Trúc Viên