Buying Organic Ketchup makes a huge difference

I recently compared Annie's Organic Ketchup (USDA Seal) with a cheap brand of "non-organic". The huge difference in regards to taste and texture convinced me totally. I will always buy Organic Ketchup in the future.

The price is a little bit higher but that's not a lot. For a 24 oz bottle I paid $3.09 at TARGET. It is absolutely worth the money. Almost every ingredient is organic, except water and sea salt. It only has 5 Carbs which is good for people on a Low Carb Diet. But the taste is unbeatable! Of course, it has no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and it is gluten free. 

So, shall you throw away the "non-organic" ketchup? I would say no. Ketchup, even if it is cheap, is a wonderful remedy to remove "green" hair color caused by chlorine or due to a color accident. This happened to me when I chose the wrong hair color. I quickly poured that cheap ketchup over my head and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Thank God, I was able to remove most of the ugly greenish color.   

Or you can polish and freshen up every metal like coins, silver jewelry, auto parts. You don't need to buy an expensive metal cleaner. 

Here is another great idea: Did your dog came in contact with a rotten fish, fecals or got a Skunk shower? You can imagine how horrible it's fur stinks. No problem. Just empty those bottles of Ketchup over your dog and massage it into the stinky areas. Let it sit for a while and then give your dog a nice shower. This treatment should get rid of all the ugly smells. 

So, we don't need to waste anything. 

And what's about Bernie, the Rabbit Of Approval? You can see the cute animal on the label above. Well, Bernie is the pet of Annie Withey, Co-Founder of Annie's Homegrown, Inc. She has chosen him to be the Approval Pet of her products. 


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Published by Rosy V