When it comes to studying the Bible, i have never taken much time to sit down and really process what the Bible has to say. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been reading the Bible my whole life, but reading to better understand the words or history, rather than in search of something specific or a scripture has only been a habit over the last year or so. It's taken some time to develop a relationship with God where I wanted to give Him an hour of my day and speak to Him, while also listening to see if and how He will reply.


I started a Bible Study this morning through IF Gathering, which is actually a women’s ministry out of the Austin Area. The Bible study is focused around the first 600 years of the church and the first week, day 1 has already been incredibly eye opening. I know the stories of the Four Gospel’s pretty well but diving into the New Testament’s story after that is pretty spotty for me. 


The first day of this study has us focused in Acts 2:1-13. I’m sure these are verses that I’ve read multiple times over my lifetime, but today I was able to read them to understand. Did you know that this scripture is all about how at Pentecost, a rushing wind of the Holy Spirit came in, and filled every person so they were able to speak in different languages but could all understand each other? 120 people were in attendance that day, and from that moment forward, the church was started and continued expanding. I had no idea. “we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.” Acts 2:11


If this sounds like a study you want to be apart of, the link to order the study is below. It just started today, so you won’t be far behind! I can't wait to continue diving deeper and seeing what the Lord is going to reveal over the next 8 weeks. Hopefully you can join in on the fun!



Published by Kristi Mann