A couple of days ago, we had more wonderful weather in London. So Max and I went to the park for the second time this week. This time, we went to different park from before… the one with the cafe that sells blue ice cream!



Dressed in his favourite hoodie, and armed with Teddy, Max began to explore…



… concentrating so much, he didn’t spot the cafe.



When he did, he and Teddy made a dash for it!

I cannot tell you the disappointment on Little Yum-Yum’s face when the member of staff said they had no ice cream. In fact, he just wanted to go home.



Instead, I took him to the nearest shop, where he chose the classic cornetto again. Phew!



All that walking around is tiring work for a toddler!



No wait… He’s off again!



On the way back home, Max came across this sign. I had no idea there was a Nature Trail there. Possibly something to look into for another time.



Prince Consort Lodge is a house situated in the park. I couldn’t take a photo of it as it was buried behind much greenery. I believe it is now used as offices. I certainly wouldn’t mind working there. The view of the park from the top floor, I’m sure would be beautiful.


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