One thing you need to know about me is that I like talking and usually no expert in cutting my sentences (and thoughts) short. My worst nightmare is when I need to talk to a machine that will never understand me... Today I needed to ring HMRC and wanted to check how my tax code was to change if I made so-and-so changes....And when the voice at the other end asked me what I wanted, I explained. It didn't get it, so I tried again...and again...

I used to work in call centres and I know how it feels if someone shouts at you (for no reason - at least none that would be your own fault) so since then, I'm nice, patient and polite...even with machines...So I started chatting - it didn't get it but eventually, I got through to a human being, needless to say, at the wrong department.

She could help me. I was happy. So at the end I told her my story with the made her laugh. So both of our days were the machine!

 (Now I know, all I should have said was "Taxes" - who would have thought!)

I have my voicemail turned off, mainly because I'd never listened to it so it got full and I had to do something about it, and also because I'm not good with machines...I am as "high tech" as a Virtual Assitant needs to be, I can even build a (very basic) website but that's work, that's different. In private life, I could live in the Stone Age - providing WIFI and smart phones existed!

I remember sending my first ever text from my first ever mobile phone - I was a teenager (gosh, I'm only 31...) Back then, when I did listen to voicemails, they always made me laugh. I remember trying to prank each other by recording a message that sounded as if we'd answered the phone so the person would start talking and would get annoyed by you not answering. (To be honest, I never did that as couldn't work out how to, but it was funny, even when I was the one talking - for ages...)

I often find myself "Google"-ing tasks: like how to screenshot on my phone or what is drop box. For some reason, I am only asked by "younger people" to perform these highly complicated tasks or to use these massively high-tech options, so it kind of makes me feel old (and a little stupid), although it's just the technology that is fast to progress... Maybe because, I remember when I needed to work out how to answer a mobile phone - as picking it up saying "Hiiii" didn't work. And I had no Internet to get help from - I worked it out all by myself! Then I felt smart - smarter than the phone...Nowadays I have my doubts....

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