Okay so I'm 21, I have a pretty big friendship group comprising of lots of different kinds of people and I'm at university. Drugs are a constant problem that plague me. (Omg wait no that sounds like I'm an addict, I'm totally not... just read on and I'll explain) I just urban dictionaried "smoking" and I'm really surprised at the result, I can't tell if it's being ironic but I hope not. It says "a simple way to simultaneously ruin your health, eliminate your sex appeal, empty your wallet and support huge corporations that don't give a damn about well-being" WELL HELL YES PREACH IT SISTER. It is a common misconception that people find smoking (whether it be the sweet sweet baccy or sweet sweet gange) hot and cool and attractive and radical and all those things but in fact, most people I know (mostly girls so listen out here boys), really dislike smoking! Now, this is an entirely unjudgey post and I have my unjudgey face on so smokers, do not feel I attack you. Fear not, as my name suggests I come in peace and I hold out this olive branch to you as proof (*imagine olive branch and take it*) For lots of people who have only met me fairly recently, you'll see me as a lil granny who is a pro-napper, doesn't smoke, drug-take, drink much and enjoys a nice evening with a film and a hot water bottle rather than being in a club with sticky floors and smelly people with no concept of personal space (like seriously, don't touch me). WELL YES OKAY, I enjoy being cosy and comfortable and in bed at a reasonable hour. It's funny though because that DOESN'T make me boring. I have fun with my friends, enjoy dinners out, chats at all hours, uncontrollable laughter sessions about absolutely nothing at all and all the things that people, you know, do when they have friends. SO if doing drugs is so cool, HOW AM I STILL COOL (shut up everyone, you know its true, even in a lame way). (sorry family for this bit) but I've had my fair share of wild days. When I was 18 I went out a couple of times a week to various different house parties, regardless of whether I knew the host. I got drunk, like happy-giggly-life-and-soul-of-the-party-drunk but I've also had my head-down-a-toilet-falling-asleep-in-someone's-empty-bath kind of drunk (that was a lot of hyphens sorry but was essential). One time I woke up in just a onesie that I never put on... So before anyone tries to play the 'you just haven't had fun' card, yeah, I've been there, done that and got (dubious stains on) the tshirt. But when have I had more fun? Now or then? well.... I always felt when I was at parties waddling around talking to strangers and becoming 'BEST FRIENDS' with everyone that I was enjoying myself but looking back, it was just all a lot of pressure and hype. You kinda had to 'keep up appearances' by being that lil social butterfly and being wild but the fake friends never lasted longer than the hangover. Nowadays I may go out, dance like an absolute Dad and come home and be in bed before midnight, not having drunk a sip (of anything but tasteee tasteeee h2o ) but I wake up fresh (if a bit achey from 'busting dem shapes') and I can remember everything. Gone are the days waking up with vast swathes of the evening blank spots in my head and the dread of what I did coming back to bite me in the peachy ass. I can honestly say I'm so much happier playing it my way than the way everyone 'expects' me to. So yeah, at uni everyone says to experiment. Well I've decided experimenting doesn't mean kissing girls or taking drugs like it used to. My experiment was to see if I could do what I WANTED without bowing to peer pressure and seeing whether I came out happy and with friends.....well I'm glad to say my experiment has worked. I have better friends than I could ever wish for. I am healthy. My lungs are top notch (but not when I walk up hills because I'm unfit and can't exercise). My liver is probably pink and slimy as all organs should be (unless its not supposed to be pink, well then its whatever colour a liver should be). I wonder why SO many 'teenagers' (I'm including 20-somethings under that stereotypical heading hence the parenthesis) feel the need to indulge in the drug culture and drinking to excess culture. If you like the taste of alcohol then hats off to you and enjoy yourself! You have a stronger palate than I. If you enjoy the taste and scent of cigarettes then fine by me, go enjoy yourself! If you feel the taste of weed makes your day brighter then knock yourself out! But if you do any of these things to 'fit in' or 'look cool' then please, hear me when I say you DON'T HAVE TO. (Again not being judgey) but I actually think you're cooler if you don't smoke or do drugs when all of your friends do. It shows a strength of character that I admire and find attractive in a prospective associate. Drugs/Drink/Da cigarrettes (was trying to go for a 'diners drive-ins and dives' kinda thing but I couldn't really pull it off) are used to forget crap that has happened, to block out bad memories, to boost your confidence, to fit in, to add an element to your character which you think you lack (when you really don't), used as a 'prop' for the character you've created......well if you don't wholeheartedly love getting stoned or feeling hungover then listen to this post and don't do what you don't WANT to do. It's your life, your body, your rules. Sorry but yes, it got deep. (tries not to make a sexually inappropriate joke) (fails because I wrote that in brackets anyway) (no regrets) But yes. MAY I REITTERATE I DO NOT BE JUDGEY FACING ANYONE, your life choices are YOURS and may you enjoy them as you please. Life is short, I never realised how short until last year so you may as well live it however you damn like (please be responsible I do not encourage recklessness or dangerous behaviour just saying, mothering bit done). But for me? Well, I'm content having a few cocktails and feeling fancy but not having 8 and then stumbling home regretting life and having a 2 day satanic drill in my head. So remember folks, as the end of term approaches and summer draws ever closer....act how you want, do what you want ad be true to yourself. If you don't want to go to a club even though everyone else wants you to, then you don't have to. If you don't want to smell like an ashtray regardless of how much perfume/after shave you wear....then you don't have to. (But obvs if you wanna then go for it etc im unbiased and unjudgey did I mention I don't judge oh hey there I'm unjudging you right now) I HAVE SPOKEN and kind of just ranted about what I think but hey, what else is a blog for! Over and out O

Published by Olive Sope