"You don't choose this life, it chooses you."

I am a member of this elite club, it's a very exclusive group of individuals who do not socialized with many people, who are very creative and profound, and only feel comfortable around other members. This does not just happen over night, they have been the wild extroverts and slowly, overtime have been transformed. There is a time and a place for everything but that does not mean losing their sense of self but just being reserved in a way.

The Anti-Social Social Club is where all the introverts gather together for occasional outings, where they finally come out of their sanctuary/ comfort place (their rooms) with no human contact and to having their first glimpse of nature and sunlight in days. This elite club enjoys their small gatherings, it makes them feel as if they have "friends" and sense of "belonging" to something, at least for the moment. When it is over they go right back. The elite continue to their regular routine. Only go out for a burst of excitement. Wouldn't you want to be surrounded by like minded individuals? Actually have a club of Anti-Socials?

Let's make this club real and have certified jackets. ✨ASSC 4 Lyfe✨
(Post inspired by my close friends and I)

Published by Tlalli Citlali