First, I'm going to be talking about nose piercings. Sorry about the misleading picture, it looked cool so I wanted to use it. I mean it helped, right? 

I got my nose pierced a couple weeks ago on a whim. Shit, my fault okay, usually I over think things to the point were I'm so nervous I chicken out, and so I did. 

I've been wanting to pierce my nose for a while, but I was to much of a wuss to go ahead and actually do it.

So here I am with my cousin from NYC(he was visiting for father's day weekend) in a tattoo and piercing parlor. SO I was like fuck it, I'm getting my nose pierced. Suits my face and stuff, very clean(i think, shit I hope so I was to nervous to actually notice). But the place is legit my friend has gotten a couple piercings there

Now mind you, that we were only there because my cousin wanted a tattoo(more to add to his arm, he almost has a sleeve) So i was feeling brave and did it 

It did not hurt, seriously it like a 2 second pinch, and your nose bleeds a little and then it feel super duper clean for the rest of the day(surprised because i get boogies easily)

BUT ANYWAYS, main point is, the original piercing I wanted was a septum piercing, I didn't get this; i got the basic nose stud piercing. 

I knew nothing of how to take care of it, the place threw me a sheet and told me to follow it.(and thats' it) But most places do sell some type of spray to clean your wound, which I bought(haha)

BUT, (jeez alot of buts here) I was super paranoid and probably still am, about cleanliness, side effects, and the fear of infection(dammit hope I don't jinks myself) 

Well thats my experience, hope it serves as kind of a glimpse of who I am.(Really, who am I?*you may ignore the existential question)

I hope to write more about Latin culture, feminism, may write a couple stories here and there when I have the time of course(I do have three jobs). 

Peace Out!

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