Smartphones have completely changed the world. They have touched every component of human life in its own way. However, these Smartphones are incomplete without the application they use. These applications commonly known as apps are developed by various companies to provide various services. These can range from simple entertainment based services to larger productivity based applications. Companies developing these apps require various backend services provided by other companies in order to function properly. These backend services may include provision of ordering and sales services, live tracking and other information based services. In order to make available to the app companies, these must be connection through a proxy server which ensures safety and continuous functionality. 

Apigee support services provide such benefits through its Apigee edge software. Apigee edge acts as a platform where such proxies can be developed to ensure safety and connectivity to the service providers. These Application based proxy also known as API proxy, provides secure access to companies servers to app developers. Instead of allowing apps use the supports services directly, API proxy acts as a filter through which only authorized personnel can pass through. Following services are provided to service providers: 


API proxy restricts unauthorized access to the company’s services. An app developing company must first register itself and create a unique key for accessing other company’s servers. 


Apigee created proxy also assists service companies by advising them on compatibility issues. They inform the company whether their services are compatible with apps which intend to use them. 

Live tracking:

Apigee proxies also notify the service providing companies whether or not the services are functioning properly and by the right users. 

Integrated platform:

Apigee Edge provides an integrated platform for API creation and management. Every task can be done at the same place. 

Apigee Inc. not only provides cloud based services but also provide after sale services to its customers. Apigee through its Apigee customer service support department try to solve various problems which their customers have to face upon continuous use. They have advanced service support software which works on priority based principle:

Priority 1:

For those customers which have encountered serious damage to its API based proxy server which in turn has caused serious obstruction to normal work flow. 

Priority 2:

For those cases where the end user i.e. app developing companies are being affected as they are not able to access the server but there is no damage to API server for service providers. Work can continue but is restricted due to damage. 

Priority 3:

For those cases where subordinate services have been affected but no damage to normal workflow of the company. 

Priority 4:

No damage to the server but a simple upgrade request from the customer or for any change in the Apigee product/service. 

Last but not the least, service requests for timely checking of the servers and its maintenance. Apigee, through its customer services, promises complete root cause analysis of the system to destroy the problem causing component. It ensures complete restoration of services within 24 hours from receiving the complaint. 

Customer services are provided 24x7 by the company through its trained and skilled staff. These services have helped Apigee to make a name for itself in the market. For better and continuous services, customer support and trust is essential.

Published by Zoe Sewell