My goal for today is to drink a gallon of water (not at once). I bought a 24oz plastic water bottle a few months ago and used it to make my coffee experiments in. The only thing I learned from that is that coffee smell takes forever to wash out. It's not the good coffee smell that wakes you up in the morning, more like stale, stubborn, coffee grounds that have worked their way into any tiny crevice they can find just out of reach so they can taunt you with that sickening smell.  I outsmarted them (or so I thought) and I still had a couple bottle brushes laying around from when the little one was still drinking from a bottle, and these brushes came with tiny little brushes especially made for bottle nipples. 

My first drink of water from this bottle had a slight coffee taste to it. I'm just going to tell myself it's psychosomatic.  

At one point, I was really good about drinking lots of water, I don't know what happened there but it's a much healthier appetite suppressant than diet pills. Yes I take phentermine and occasionally will take a garcinia Cambodia pill if I get hungry at work and I know I shouldn't eat. So yes, I realize I am going about this the wrong way but I have forces of nature working against me at the moment. 

First, I work the overnight shift, our bodies are accustomed to fasting during the night so the digestive system slows down and since I'm awake at that time it puts stress on my body, my body creates cortisol and cortisol makes fat cells. All I needed was a boost, something to regulate my blood sugar and stop the insulin resistance in its tracks  (magnesium, seriously Walmart sells it cheap). 

So I think I will look for a plastic travel cup just for coffee and save myself the slightly coffee flavored water. 

It could be worse...

Published by Liz Zemlicka