We live in a world where we could talk to someone who lives on the other side of the world, someone who could be of different race, religion, gender, sexuality and more. Someone who, inside, is more than what they appear to be physically and their sexuality, someone human, just like you and me.

The human race has come so far in terms of equality, and the most recent and a great moment in modern history is the legalization of same-sex marriage. Some may take offense to me considering it a great moment in history, but, I do think that it is. It's a huge change that affects every single member of the LGBT community all over the world. This event was probably in billions of people's 'impossible' list, something that no one expected to ever happen no matter how many people wanted, hoped and hated the idea.


There are many great moments in history, one of my favourites would always be Martin Luther King's I have a dream. It was a battle, of an ongoing war for race equality. A war that deep down inside, we know is still being fought today. But Martin Luther King won that battle. And hopefully, someday, we will be more in touch with our humanity and remember that one amazing winning battle and fight for it today.


The LGBT community is fighting their own war. The legalization of the same-sex marriage is an amazing battle won. Hate it or Love it, but the reality is, it was the same battle fought for by Martin Luther King. Equality. Humanity. Peace. Love. It may seem ridiculous to many for me to even put it in the same paragraph but it is the same. Why does racism exist? Why does homophobia exist? People are afraid of things that they are not. We are afraid of things that are different from what we are and what we are used to. But everyone, look at us now. One of many consider to be the best country in the world has legalized it.


Yes, a step backward has been taken. The 'best' country seems to stand for everything that one of the best presidents in the world stood for. And yes, the current president might fight against many positive changes made by the previous one. But let's stop and recognize that it did happen.


Many members of the LGBT community would say that this change is not enough. Yes, homophobia still exists and yes more countries does not have same-sex marriage legalized but do not forget to celebrate the win. Every time you join a march, a protest and get caught up in the moment where you see more hatred towards the LGBT community than love, remember a change did happen and returning their negativity will not make things better. So, be the bigger person and show them that the LGBT community is fighting for love and not for more arguments, show them by not insulting them back, by not calling them names but by telling them that you're human too. Yes, it's hard but something good did happen.


Harder times may come, in fact, it is likely that it will come. Just do not ever forget what you are fighting for. Love, Humanity, Peace. Remember that there was an amazing president, President Barrack Obama made that impossible thing possible. He made this change without cursing and swearing at those who were against his belief. He did this by showing his humanity.


All of these may seem like naivety but it's not. Realistically we know where we are currently standing in terms of what has and has not been achieved. But wouldn't you rather use the wins as a motivation? Instead of counting all of the loses and turning it into anger?  Don't be afraid to do the same, and always celebrate the win and become the inspiration that this world needs.