We all get stressed from time to time, however how we choose to cope with these anxious and stressed out situations is what's important. 

When I was struggling with panic attacks and anxiety, I wanted ways in which I could calm myself down in a quick and useful way. We live in a society in which our whole lives revolve around technology, so the fact that I could find an app in which it could calm me down within seconds of going on my phone was extremely helpful. 


Here are a list of apps that helped me and can help you! 

Emergency chat: An app made specifically for when you are suffering from an anxiety attack, the app is really easy to use, all you have to do is give your phone to someone who you are finding it hard to communicate with during an attack, it’s like a texting app in which you can communicate with the person using an easy messenger.

Worry Watch: An app that is used by anxiety sufferers to log and track their feelings and thoughts throughout the day. worry watch

End Anxiety: An app that you can get on your tablet or iphone, the best time to use this app is at night time or during an anxious situation, you play it at least once a day and it relaxes you.

The quiet place relax and sleep: An app where you can type out your feelings and thoughts without people judging you.

The comfort spot: An app where you can anonymously share and talk about your feelings.

VentA social media app in which you can vent to people you do not know and listen to other people.

Mind shift: An app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety, go through breathing techniques to help with stressful situations such as exams etc.

Colorfy: An app in which you can just chill out and distract yourself by colouring in different pictures.

Calm – meditate, sleep and relax: An app filled with calming music to help you meditate, sleep and relax.

7 Cups – free care and therapy: An app designed to give free emotional support, anxiety relief, depression help and counselling.

What’s up?: An app for when you need a little extra help getting through tough days.

Smiling MindAn app for meditation to bring ‘balance’ to young people’s lives.

Buddy: An app that allows you to keep a diary of your thoughts.

Pacifica: An app that allows you to track your mood and talk to people in the same situation as you! 




Published by Meredith Graham