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Hello everyone and welcome back to my post! In today's post, I'm detailing some of my goals for this month and why I really want to accomplish them. Check out my monthly goals below!


Because this month is the spring showers, I'm looking forward to splashing around in puddles while taking walks in my cute rain boots! For other fun seasonal goals, I'm looking forward to celebrating Easter this month by eating lots of chocolate bunnies and chocolate easter eggs!

I'm also hoping this month to read 2 complete books this month since I am trying to catch back up on my yearly reading goals. Speaking of monthly goals, I'm also trying to save at least $500 this month and put it away in my savings account.

I've also been dying to take a day trip to Boston ever since moving to New England. Now that the weather is so much nicer than this horrible winter, I really want to take a trip to the aquarium or maybe a tour of some of the historical places throughout the city. Since I'm going to be doing lots of walking around in the city, I'd also like to join a zumba class this month to get back into shape and feel better while walking around!


And there we have it, my monthly goals for April 2017! I love sharing some of both my seasonal goals and personal plans for the month. What are some of your goals this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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