It's time again for another double book review. I absolutely loved both of these books, but there just isn't enough to warrant individual reviews.

Aragog: a Behind the scenes look at the Acromantula on film and Buckbeak: behind the scenes with everyone's favourite Hippogriff were both written by Jody Revenson. They were published by Incredibuilds. I had never seen or heard of Incredibuilds before finding these books, now I will keep an eye out and recommend them to everyone.

Each book came with a build your own model; Aragog and Buckbeak. The building was easy. The pieces just pushed out of the board and slid into each other, so no glue was needed. The directions were easy to follow and included pictures.

Now anyone who knows me or has read my blog before knows I love Harry Potter. So these books were going to be loved by me no matter what. Turns out I didn't need my Harry Potter bias, they were great.

Each book was filled with information and images showing how Aragog and Buckbeak were brought to life in the Harry Potter movies. The information was truly interesting, seeing how hard it was and how much effort was put in to creating these creatures was really informative.

The images featured in these books were awesome, getting to see each creature go from page to screen was amazing and having the added bonus of hearing from the movies actors about their reactions to Aragog and Buckbeak was great.

Not only do you get a great little book but you get to build your very own Aragog and Buckbeak. These books are well worth the purchase.

These books are a must have for any Harry Potter fan, I understand that they also have Dobby and Quidditch books available, they are definitely on my wish list. If you come across these books you should absolutely buy the, you won't regret it.

Long Live Harry Potter.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker