Action packed.Fast Paced.Heartbreaking

November Snow takes off from where the first part – November Rain – has ended. And what an end that was ! A total cliffhanger, of course, because I wouldn’t call a book, a book unless it had something to “hang you” on !
This second part is extremely fast paced and it doesn’t give you time to adjust to something cause it already jumps into the heart of it grabbing you and holding on the very edge of your seat. It is pretty merciless with you and your poor heart. In this one, we find out more and more secrets, and things are taking a 180 degrees turn. With every page you get a taste of everything that left you with questions in the first part. Take note of the fact that it contains some horrifying images that won’t go away that easily or that fast ! ( And there is something pretty awesome awaiting you after the first half of the book – just saying. So get yourself ready for it ! )  We are also shown how much the characters have grown – even stronger than before – since the first book and it revolves around what matters the most in our everyday lives : unity, love and peace.

This is the second book of miss Thompson that breaks me into a million pieces, crushes my soul like it’s  some kind of bug and makes my heart skip a lot of beats ! But all in all it is a great read and I LOVED IT !!!!

The ending had brought me to tears and made my heart melt !

Published by Cristina Piciu