The difference in these two photos is more than meets the eye at first glance. It's an 8 month time frame. It's the collection of fad diets and working out. It's a growth in confidence and a loss of inches. It's the product of allowing myself what I need and not always what I want. A fluctuation in weight and stretched out clothing from bloating. It's the result in patience from trial and error of food intolerances. Its also the frustrations of seeing doctor after doctor to finally result in the diagnosis of a torn labrum. It's my 2016 journey in 2 pictures and its only an 8lb difference. 


The girl on the left was depressed and lonely. She was new in a city where she wasn’t sure how to make it feel like home. She was as far out of her comfort zone as she had ever been. The girl on the right has fought through trial and error, pulling information from all angles and every website possible to find what works for her. 


For me, diet has been the biggest factor, but also my most challenging change. I'm an emotional eater so changing that has been a huge obstacle. If i can make it into the gym twice a week, thats a good week for me. But watching what I put into my body changed everything when it came to visual differences. I’ve limited my alcohol, white carbs and sugar intake, as well as cutting out caffeine completely. I regularly replace dinner with a beef protein shake. I found that soy and whey didn’t agree with my body, but beef was both filling and kept my GI track happy.


Meal prepping has been a great way to keep food prepared and ready for quick meals. But finding recipes that I wanted to eat over and over again allowed me to be creative in the kitchen, which caused me to love cooking more. I found a love for coconut flour so i’ve been able to start baking again. 


The best advice I can give others is to find what works best for you. What works for your best friend may not work best for you. The things that celebrity trainers suggest, may not improve your situation. Do some research. Test everything and see what helps. Trail and error is the best way of finding out how your life is affected by what you’re trying. I own so many different books but learned to take bits and pieces from what I learned from each and combined it into something that worked for me. Take advice from others with a grain of salt. You have to figure out for yourself what is going to help you and transform you into your best possible self!

Published by Kristi Mann