With the rampant increase in outrageous acts of bullying and subsequent suicides of kids as young as
nine and eight years old – global organizations and many TV personalities have become sensitized to the
grave issue. The media is always on the go, covering events related to numerous large-scale school
shootings and sudden suicides after years of bullying on campus and on social media. Law students have resorted to law essay to express their concerns and remedies for a problem that is experienced globally.
Many political leaders have also taken action by enforcing anti-bullying laws in schools since that is
mostly the case why young children are taking away their lives. Law essay writers have listed the laws
that have been implemented in recent years;

 Setting prevention policies and incorporating anti-bullying laws in elementary and secondary
 Reassigning of students who bully other students to different schools so as to protect the victim
and building an overall safer environment.
 Teachers are given complete authority by law to decide whether a student, rightly accused of
bullying, may be suspended or expelled from the institution – based on the level of severity of
the bullying.
 Helplines are functional for both children and teens to allow them to have a safe zone where
they can easily communicate their feelings and even report the bullies.
 Other laws include anti-discrimination laws that will end bullying based on someone’s race, cast,
and creed and gender identity.

Law essays have explored how effectively these legislations can be followed in an institutional set-up –
without unnecessarily scrutinizing mild childhood tantrums and childish rebuttals between classmates.
But most of these institutions lack the appropriate amount of vigilance and the psychiatric help required
to cater to actually vulnerable students.

Thus, in effect, the question at hand – that are anti-bullying laws effective? – has a rather unsatisfactory
answer. Many law essay writing services have been approached for help in this subject matter and they
suggest that the effectiveness of different laws can be accessed over the particular type of bullying that
is being addressed.

Say, for example, laws against cyber-bullying have been able to bring about the most amount of change.
Since the evidence is online and tangible – plus it is easier to remove a bully from one’s life that way. But
when it comes to racial discrimination and the queer community, the bullying can escalate to intolerable
levels since there is a complete lack of empathy, remorse, and understanding in these matters.

Law students did a research based on the effectiveness of anti-bullying programs and legislature. The
result was shocking! There was a general resentment due to the fact that most teachers only focused on
creating a truce between the two parties instead of understanding what really provoked the bully to
exercise unacceptable conduct of conduct in the first place. In most cases either the bullying worsens
after it is reported or students just stop reporting it since there is no substantial return.

Law essays suggest that for a fool-proof anti-bullying program, the involvement of every person in the
community is necessary. Seeing the warning signs is more important than mitigating the repercussions
after the damage is done. Bullying is a traumatic experience and can have life-long damaging effects.

Published by Joe Pirest