Since the start of mankind's ascent into civilization, boys and men have been looked upon as the stronger, more stable natured of the sexes, but modern day media has shown that this doesn't have to be necessarily true. Girls have proven themselves to be just as strong and willing to be the backbone in their everyday relationships and lives. But what happens when our boys are abused or bullied or simply going through a rough time? In my own experience I have found that men are still seen as the model of strength and that abuse only falls on the other side of the spectrum, most boys are taught that after the age of ten that crying is unacceptable. What are they supposed to do when there is no one else there to protect them? 

Being a girl myself, and the sister of two masculine brothers, I have only witnessed the mentality that is driven into boys about their emotions and how showing any sign of it implies weakness. This is simply not true, If you want to cry, or scream or tell others about how you're feeling, you go ahead and do it. No matter your gender.  

I am not implying that boys shouldn't be strong and masculine, but those who fear being called weak or pathetic shouldn't feel like they have to hide. These images were taken by myself for a project in the attempt to capture the seriousness of male abuse and how we treat boys in our modern society. and the effects it had on their mentality. I believe that more funding should go towards male abuse charities and that it shouldn't be a taboo subject in the media. Abuse knows no gender, men get hit too.

It is statistically shown that one in every three victims of domestic or partner abuse is male, that those who have lived within an abusing environment are more likely to attract of become abusers themselves. This kind of abuse is less likely to be reported because most boys are taught not to talk about how they are feeling and that admitting to being abused or allowing themselves to be abused means they are less of a man. Which is far from true.

If you are a victim of any form of abuse, boy or girl, you are not worthless, or pathetic. Someone somewhere is going to love you even if you don't. Love didn't hurt you, you are not what they did to you.

Please, don't be afraid to cry.


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Published by Chelsea Pike