I find myself always having an internal debate during this time of year whether it is appropriate to wear cropped pants when the temperature begins to drop.

While personally I love them there is always a voice in the back of my head telling me I will regret it, my legs will get cold, there is a time and place for cropped pants and now is not it.

However regardless of how much I doubt myself to start of with I always seem to gravitate towards them regardless of the temperature. When I step outside there is not a immediate regret as a feel a chilly breeze on my ankle because well I do not feel a chilly breeze.

I find the simple addition of thick socks goes a long way in preserving my warmth, to me this is the saving grace for cropped pants this time of year. While I do still see people going sock less I find that is pushing it a little and while I am a firm believer of fashion over function a line has to be drawn.

I also find that going sock less makes the the aesthetic a lot more summer based, this in turn can throw an outfit completely off this time of year, it is a bit odd to have summer on the bottom and big thick jumpers and jackets on top.

The essence of what I am trying to say amongst my rambling is that while I do occasionally doubt myself for wearing copped pants this time of year and simple pair of socks helps pull everything back together.

Just look at retailers this can be anything from designers such as Balenciaga, Our Legacy and AMI to high street stores such as Topman and Zara they all are still heavily pushing cropped pants. I think this whole idea that they are only for summer is a little outdated all you have to do is look at us the consumers, we are still wearing them, we are still buying them and we are still loving them.

Published by Anthony Wolny