The cons associated with dental veneers are minor and negligible if any. One of the things that you might consider as a setback is its artificiality. Although veneers look extremely natural, they are after all artificial. It would be disappointing for people aspiring for a more natural solution. We often see people searching for natural ways to deal with their dental problems and dental veneers are clearly not the solution that would make them happy. You can consult with My La Mirada Dentist about your issue.

Veneers are quite expensive and especially porcelain veneers can cost a lot of money. A set of veneer in porcelain can range anywhere between $1000 to $1500 and especially when you multiply the number of teeth that might require veneering, the cost goes up. Hence, the whole deal is pretty costly and the last thing you can do to ensure that it is a good investment is to get it done from an expert. The expertise of the doctor will not only help you achieve impeccable results with the procedure but it will also make your veneer last longer.

Fragility is another factor that you have to be concerned with when it comes to porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are admired for how tough they are, but they are still not impervious to all kinds of breaking or chipping. Especially situations that expose your teeth to excessive force like eating hard food or grinding your teeth can have damaging impacts on the porcelain veneers. And it must be well known that both replacing and repairing the veneers are in no way pocket-friendly affairs. Hence, the permanence of the process can become a curse in some case although it is understandable that when you spend so much money on an aesthetic procedure the least you would expect from it is to at least last a long time.

Dental veneers can also cause your teeth to become more sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity is the direct result of the removal of enamel. The process of veneering demands the upper layer of the tooth which is called the enamel to be removed. The removal of enamel often makes teeth more sensitive when consuming foods and liquids with extreme temperatures like hot and cold. Again, the last thing you should know about dental veneers is that not everyone will be able to avail it. The considerations are purely the condition and health of your teeth. In case your teeth is unhealthy, for example, if you have a decay or a condition like active periodontal disease, fracture, weakened tooth, large dental filling, inadequate enamel or suffer from bruxism, the doctor might reject you for a dental veneer. So in order to get yourself a smile upgrade and make your teeth look better, the dental cavity needs to be in pretty good shape.

Published by Calida Jenkins