It is not just celebrities anymore who are getting eyelash extensions. Everyone is doing it, and you might feel left behind. But the big question is, are eyelash extensions worth it? If you have considered having them applied to your eyes, then you have probably asked around on how much it costs. The cost of eyelash extensions ranges from £100 to £300. They are a bit pricey for most people, but hey if it makes you feel and look good. Isn’t it worth it? Read on to find out more.

Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrities get those crazy and amazing long lashes? Have you been moving from one mascara to another trying to get those thick, long, and curly eyebrows? Well, you could benefit from eyelash extensions. They are almost similar to hair extensions and give your lashes a more dashing and glam look.

There is always a cheaper alternative, and most ladies can bear witness to this. Fake lashes don’t cost as much, but the inconvenience is way too much, and not to mention they don’t look as great as semi-permanent eyelash extensions. However, as great as eyelash extensions are. One thing is for sure. They are pricey. Getting them fixed for the first time can cost you more than £150, and regular maintenance might cost £50 per session.

Are They Different from Falsies?

Falsies are the biggest competitors for eyelash extensions. Falsies, also known as false extensions, are attached to your lash line by glue. However, eyelash extensions are hand glued one after another to give you a natural look. Eyelash extensions come in different sizes and styles. They can also be customized in terms of shape, colour, thickness, and length, which means that you can find the perfect set of lashes for your face.

How Long Does It Take to have Them Done?

Getting eyelash extensions done isn’t for the impatient because it requires you to lie still with your eyes closed for over an hour. Therefore, if you really want to achieve this dashing look. You need to set aside the time to lie down and let the technician do their thing. The good news is, when working with a skilled technician, you will experience minimal discomfort, and you can even take a nap during the entire process.

How Does It Feel Like When They are Applied?

It will probably take some getting used to. At first, you might feel like your lashes are heavy and weird. But with time, you get used to the feeling and won’t even feel like they are there. Nonetheless, you need to be very cautious about rubbing your eyes. You should also be mindful about getting them wet, especially within 48 hours after application. But after that, you can swim as much as you want to.

Do They Look Fake?

This will depend on the style you choose and your makeup preferences. For those who don’t wear makeup every day, you can opt for a natural option that will blend in easily with your looks. But you can be assured that people will notice it. But, if you are a makeup enthusiast, feel free to go for those Kim Kardashian looking lashes that will bring out your gorgeous eyes.

But if you don’t like the new look of eyelash extensions. You can always have them removed. Please be informed that the removal process isn’t similar to that of falsies. With eyelash extensions, you need to visit a technician.

Are eyelash extensions worth it? The answer to this question depends on how much you enjoy looking good and of course, your bank account. Eyelash extensions ensure that in the next 4-6 weeks, you look more beautiful. But you will have to pay for the first time application and in between appointments.


Published by James Howart