Yes, you read it right. This is the one question I have or any other girl from a typical middle class family would have. Are girls dreams not dreams? Now, if you are wondering why I say that in today’s scenarios also, then there would be many reasons to explain this statement that I made and I am sure many girls would be able to relate to this.
Parents are now definitely educating girls but some not for her to make her career but for it to be a glorified feature of matrimonial advertisements, for her to get a educated and wealthy husband and -in laws. These girls are being educated but never asked “What do you want to do in life” . What is the point of this education where she is not able to fulfill her dreams? Why are girls always preferred to compromise in lives, be it for their parents or their family after marriage. And to add to this, they need permission for every small thing that she wants to do; right from doing a particular course/job or even going out with her friends. Why?

A random example- A girl wanting to choose a profession which involves lot of travelling, she is at first given the reaction- how would you manage home and family this way? or if a girl of marriageable age wants to do this, some parents won’t allow her to, giving reason what if boy’s family does not like it. I mean seriously? That is future, what if family accepts it? What if boy travels a lot? Would he leave his job for his family? No, because he is supposed to be earning for a living. Whats wrong in a girl doing the same? Taking it positively, she would only be helping in the living, while handling both family and job well.

Upon questioning, one common reason being the so-called “SOCIETY” or “SAMAAJ“. What will people say? Why is it always about what other would think for something that makes a girl happy? Or is it because that these parents have no trust and faith in their daughter? Questioning parents for their wrong doings/decisions doesn’t mean you don’t love them, it just means that you are not a puppet.
Girls also have one life, where they should be allowed to live with their own terms.

“He who robs us of our dreams robs us of our life. – Anonymous”

Published by Shweta Aggarwal