With the rise of popularity in eBooks, physical books are becoming increasingly scarce and this is having an effect on coffee table book culture.

Ten years ago having a interesting selection of books located on your coffee table was a must for any stylish home. It gave visitors an insight into your interests and acted as a way to show off how quirky and interesting you are.

However now with the popularity of tablets you see less and less people buying actual physical books, which has caused a hit in the market and lead to less actual noteworthy books to be printed.

However the culture is not gone it is in fact being replaced by magazines. Now I am not talking about the tacky gossip magazines you pick up at your local supermarket, instead I mean the high end artsy magazines that come with a premium feel in design and quality.

These magazines are becoming the trendy alternative to books and are the new way to display your interests in paper format. Especially now that you can find these premium style magazines for almost any hobby. You can find them for fashion, music, sports, cooking and art, if you have a hobby the chance is there is a great stylish magazine for it.

Although I must say book culture is not completely dead it is just on the decline and being shadowed in the presence of these magazines. Really it is still easy to find great artsy and collectable books. I just believe that their place is being moved now to shelves rather than being displayed on a coffee table.

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Published by Anthony Wolny