I am pretty sure there are some people who have been surprised by the above topic. Yes, there are helmet laws that have been put up for use all over the world.

 As we all know, laws are meant to protect you and also the people around you. Helmet laws are not an exception as they are there to protect the rider from head and face injuries.

It is an essential item to make use of especially when passing through regions that are rough with obstacles that can make your trip. I believe you don't want to spoil the fun by getting a head injury which in many cases, is very fatal.

Human beings are always tricky to control. Despite there being multiple helmet laws, there are those people who just don't adhere to the rules.

Different reasons are given as to why this happens. Some have no idea that the rules exist, others break the laws because they think they do not help in anything, while most fail to follow the rules because they don't see anyone else doing that.

Different countries have varying laws depending on the changing times. The world is developing greatly with constant innovations. You cannot have all laws similar to developed and developing countries because the two have very contrasting characteristics from technology to the people themselves.

However, there are universally recognized laws that every rider and even passenger should adhere to.

Some Universal Helmet Laws

Some people ride without helmets claiming they do not know about the laws. If you are planning to ride a motorcycle, below are some laws that you should follow or else you will end up injured in case of an accident.

  • Helmets are to be used by any person despite their age. Some people assume that children do not require one when they are on the motorcycle. You are very wrong! Remember, children are very delicate and can even fall off the motorcycle when they are passengers. I just don't want to imagine the mess, if the child has no helmet on.
  • Ensure that you use only approved helmets. Some companies have been producing helmets that are not approved by the government. This inconveniences the rider when an accident occurs because they cannot be protected. After all, they have already broken the rule. Ensure you buy a verified helmet to enhance your safety.
  • It is not the rider only who should use a helmet. If you are a passenger, request for a helmet from your rider. Your safety is of equal importance as well.


Reason Why The Helmet Laws Are Created

Nothing is created for nothing. These laws have been implemented because accidents that involve motorcycles have been increasing drastically as time moves on.

The death toll has risen at a high rate due to people bending the laws. Most of these deaths occur because the victims do not use helmets which increase the chance of survival.

Effectiveness Of The Helmet Laws 

The effectiveness depends on where you are. These laws are considered effective in countries or places where every rider follows them. Here, the helmet users in motorcycle accidents have lower injury severity scores, mortality and resource utilization than nonusers. This helps save many lives thus curbing death rates.

Some countries, on the other hand, are not keen on these laws. This results in a significant increase in motorcycle related fatalities. I would advise the governments of such countries to value the citizens' lives just as their own.

These laws vary from place to place. Make sure you learn about them considering where you are because you cannot follow a rule that you do not know about. Put on the right helmet anytime you are riding a motorcycle, and you will be assured of your safety. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Published by Taslima Akter