Can’t put down that bag of Oreos? Recent studies suggest that Oreos trigger the same response in the brain that morphine and cocaine does. Could these tasty little things really be that dangerous. Don't be fooled by their innocent look.


Carried out on lab rats are experiments that compare their preference to Oreos and rice cakes. Rats actually share a lot of properties with humans – more than you think you know. It can be deduced what food was preferred. But then again am tempted to be skeptical and think that pretty much anyone would prefer an Oreo cookie to a rice cake for obvious reasons.Next the preference between Oreos and cocaine was tested- the rats hang around the cocaine just as often as the Oreos.


It was discovered that Oreos activate significantly more neurons than cocaine does. This further supports the fact that high fat and high sugar foods are very addictive. I guess this why  your fast food diet hasn't been working too well.


However, several articles have been published to counter this claim. Pretty much anything these days gives us pleasure and we tend to like this therefore we keep consuming or using them. Such like our phones. Just because something lights up one part of your brain doesn't qualify it to be addictive.


Addictive: a substance/thing/activity causing someone to become physically and mentally dependent and unable to stop using it without adverse effects.


I don't think that if you didn't eat an Oreo for 4 weeks you would begin to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. However, this notion of food addiction is not completed nonsense.  Foods high in fat and sugar activate more neurons in the part of your brain that is responsible for rewarding feelings in other words the ‘pleasure center’ of the brain. Therefore your body tends to want these foods.


You could pick up your Oreos now.😃

By Yvonne Kanyi.





Published by Yvonne Kanyi