Are there cliques in your college?

Cliques are the worst invention in the world! They leave certain unworthy people who don't belong in their group, leaving you to lunch on your own and never have a good time in school. 

I was a victim of "the clique phenomena." I wondered constantly what was wrong with me, why they didn't like me and this brought my self-esteem down, later on suffering from depression. Yes, I suffered crying every day, every night and I didn't want to go to school anymore, viewing school as an instrument that only brought hurt to me. It wasn't always like this but my friends - "my clique" - had chosen to desert me. It's unfair because your clique should always stick with you right? And it's funny in high school when every few months members of your clique get kicked out and move in to another, then you accept new members like it's a job hiring process.

I thought all would be over by the time I was in college. BUT NO! You would see cliques lunching together, and I think, I'm just so sick of this. It's one of the things I hate about this world. Why can't people realize it's not the "quantity" of the friendships, but the "quality" of the friendship that matters? Whether you're comfortable enough to tell him or her your dirty laundry and what's in your medicine cabinet, you know that kind of thing? He'll stick closer to you like a brother, he's with you not only in happy hour but also through the tough times.

Grow up! College is not like high school, where you're still baby-faced kiddos experimenting with makeup, condoms and the opposite sex! By the time you're in college, you would know what blowjob or deep throat is and that's not so innocent; which is why, cliques don't belong to college. I don't vote for it; one best friend will do.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo