The NFL and its large fan base can be a media mogul as well as being brutal,nasty and downright frightening!

In todays NFL it is almost impossible to put together a team of 52 of the best of the best athletes in the world and convert them into a championship calibur football team.

With todays ever changing Free Agency in major sports it has become almost impossible for not only the NFL but all major sports to hold onto and keep that special superstar player as today players are here today and gone tomorrow with little to no love invested for the city or team they play for therefore making it easy to follow the high dollars and go on to the next team and city that offers the most money to your bank account!

While most NFL teams have never tasted the sweet pleasures of bringing home that elusive Superbowl championship,other teams somehow,someway have figured out a way to not only bring one trophy home but multiple trophies in any given decade,take the New England Patriots for one,they have multiple playoff appearances and multiple Superbowl victories over the last decade making their fans happy and forever gloating and bragging while other NFL teams and their fans have zero to be happy about and have suffered decades without anything to show for it.


Most NFL fans are very passionate about their team and they go out of their way to do whatever it takes to wish and hope for that championship to be brought to them,many times these fans and their fan bases get a bad rap because the decades of waiting for the championship has hurt so bad the need to be on the defensive is always a part of being such a fan,

The Philadelphia Eagles fans over and through the years have managed to garner themselves with the dubious honor of being the most hated fans in the NFL world!

They are often referred to as " Philthadelphians" , " Beagles" , " Battery Chuckers" , " Santa Claus Haters" and the list goes on with unappropriate names.Many Eagles fans and their passion for their team goes all the way back to the early 60's as that is when the last time the Philadelphia Eagles won a championship and the taste of success has been long washed away from the mouths of todays Eagles fans,year in and year out the fans root for their beloved Eagles to capture that elusive championship and year in and year out the team has been either really close or so bad they couldnt beat themselves in the Superbowl even if they made it.

Still year in and year out millions of Eagles fans begin their journey in hopes of capturing that prized possesion of the Superbowl trophy proudly being handed over to the City Of Brotherly Love,and with these journies comes the occasion fan fights with other team fans,or something being said about another team or something being done that seemlessly ads fuel to the ever growing hatred for Philadelphia Eagles fans!

Rarely is it ever written or spoken about in this world we live in that has anything to  do with love,kindness,happiness or devotion to a fellow human as it seems in todays world negativity , violence,hatred and murder takes presidence over acts of kindness and caringness for another human.

For as hated as the Philadelphia Eagles fans are and for the much overhyped media coverage they have received over the years it makes one wonder if these are really bad humans or fans to begin with?

As it just so happens during the week of January 21,2016 these same hated Philadelphia Eagles fans did something for another human being that would make the harshest critic stop dead in his tracks and ask the question, Why do so many people hate these fans and for what reason?

On the evening before the nations worst blizzard to hit the East Coast one Philadelphia Eagles fan was starring down a black hole with no light at the end of the tunnel and had what seemed to be the world upon his shoulders in which he could not put down,

This man who is 52 years old and married to his bride who is 51 years old was facing an uphill battle and was worried,scared and becoming sicker as the time went on as he and his wife were in financial trouble and if that were not bad enough for just the two of them,they are also raising their 6 year old granddaughter and they were down to their last $65 and the bills were mounting and threats of the car being repossessed,electricity being turned off,and the child not having cartoons or food to eat was taking the toll on both him and the wife.

The man has been out of work for over a month as his doctors warned him if he continues to work he will be confined to a wheelchair within months,the man listened to his doctors and after almost 2 months of being out of work and waiting for disability to kick in all of the bills have become late and delinquent and it made for very uncomfortable living with many sleepless nights for the man and his wife.

The man turned to the only option he had and that was the Philadelphia Eagles fan website that he belonged to where he offered a rare Philadelphia Eagles jacket for sale that he had kept in near mint condition and cherished for over 25 years to any willing member on the Eagles Fans website.

After the man posted pictures and a price and a short article as to why he needed to sell his priceless jacket only minutes passed before the passionate Eagles fans responded to him by requesting him to KEEP his beloved jacket and to make up a GO FUND ME

account and then post the link to the account on the Eagles message boards,after being taken back by the warmth from all the fans on the message board the man follwed their instructions and made the GO FUND account and posted the link to the account onto the message board.

After only 3 days during the worst blizzard to hit the Philadelphia and Eastern Seaboard area those hated Philadelphia Eagles fans have donated $1,720.00 into the mans account where he and his wife were able to pay most of the bills,have food and cartoons for the child and be able to go to the doctors appointments that the man needed to make for his disability claim.

After seeing what those hated Eagles fans have done for someone in such need it would make even the most harshest critic stop dead in his tracks and ask the question, Are these Philadelphia Eagles fans really as bad as their history claims them to be?

In a world so filled with hatred,violence,sex,murder and other headline grabbing topics its actually a thing of beauty to see such a heartwarming story of people uniting together for a serious cause,its also a thing of beauty to see such a heartwarming story come from one of the NFL's most hated fan base,


Published by Mike Panek