There are a few hundred species of wasps in Australia - but most of them are known only the "annoying wasps" who sit on the cake or as terrible wasps can be unpleasant garden dwellers. Only a few species are socially alive. Most species live solitary, so a female alone provides her brood; no female workers are used

The socially living wasps, whose largest representative is the hornet up to four centimeters in length, are divided into three groups by taxonomists:

• Long-headed wasps

• Short-headed wasps

• True wasps and hornets

This distinction is important because the groups sometimes differ considerably in their way of life and this has an influence on our coexistence with these insects. By the way, sweat can trigger attacks. Only two of the eight species of wasps native to Australia fly for cola, steak and cake. The common wasp and have given the wasps a bad reputation. The victims are the hornets and the long-horned wasps nesting in bushes or under canopies, whose nests are often fumigated "as a precautionary measure".

How to handle wasps correctly

  • At the coffee table and while grilling: Wasps sting as soon as they feel threatened. Therefore, avoid violent movements.
  • Even the blowing away of the animals is not advisable: The contained in the breath carbon dioxide is in the wasp nest as an alarm signal.
  • Only two of the eight native wasps are on desserts and meat / sausage, common wasp. It makes sense to cover food in the open air and to remove any leftovers. After eating, children should wipe their mouths to avoid attracting wasps.
  • Never drink directly from the bottle. Drink best with the straw.

At and in the house

In order to keep wasps, bees and other insects out of the house, it is advisable to attach fly gauze to windows and doors, especially kitchen, bath and nursery windows.

If wasps stray into the house despite all precautions, a glass is put over the insect and careful a piece of paper as bottom pushed in, in order to bring the animal out again.

Wasp nests at the house cannot be easily enclosed, since the animals then look for another exit and can get into the house. At the closed entrance hole you must expect aggressive wasps.

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Published by Edward Martin