In Sports, the idea having more lucrative contracts for players has been tossed around through the years, but now the idea is becoming a reality. In this year's NBA off-season, fans have seen players such as Demar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors and Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies sign contracts that are above 130 million. Both players are seen as good players, but by no means are they top 5 players in the league. With role players signing 50 million+ contracts, one would instantly think about NFL players and how they make significantly less in comparison to NBA and MLB players. Well there have been NFL players during this year's off-season, who are requesting bigger contracts than before. This has been able to happen due the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) that have been negotiated by each Player's Union respectively. The NBA's CBA currently gives the salary cap to be 50% of the revenue earned. The NFL's CBA currently gives players between 47 and 48.5 percent of the revenue earned. With this new trend of players getting big paydays, could players one day get a fully-guaranteed contract? Owners are usually nervous to offer a contract with lots of guaranteed money because that is money from their pockets. Also, in the NFL the usually prime of a player lasts 5 at the most, and there is usually a huge drop in production after age 30. But with a contract like Von Miller's from the Denver Broncos, the idea of a fully-guaranteed contract does not sound too crazy. Miller's contract includes 114.5 million with 70 million of it guaranteed. Critics of the deal would say that his guaranteed money is too much, but it falls under the new CBA. There is nothing wrong with the contract, Miller is the heart and soul of the Broncos defense. He was Super Bowl MVP in the 2016 Super Bowl. He had led the defense in last year's season. So for a player who means so much to a team such as Von Miller, the idea of having a fully-guaranteed contract should be considered. The reason is because they have earned it. No contract in sports is ever guaranteed, there are ways that teams add loophole in case they have to release a player. These are clauses, such as amnesties. Amnesty clauses are usually used to get a team out of a contract that was good years ago but the player may have fell off, or they have to retire early in the contract. But for a young player, who is viewed as being worth of a fully-guaranteed contract, they should be able to have that contract. As the world of sports changes over the years team owners should start looking at ways to keep their big players. Time will only tell us if we can witness a star athlete have a fully-guaranteed contract. 

Published by Darren Walker