Let's get real here. We all want to be "happy", living our dream lives with our dream job, dream partner blah blah. And that's what society tells us to want.  "A perfect life - is a happy life" but to which extent?

I feel like "happiness" is overrated in general, not saying that you should feel like crap all the time tho, but.. We are all chasing this state of true happiness, the kind we feel when receiving a gift we wanted for so long for example. But while we are waiting for this state to arrive, when we have finished school, have moved to this city,...
We can loose ourselves in these thoughts and forget that our life goes on.

The following has been said many times before, but are we really taking this life advice into practice?
"Live right now, the past is gone and the future is yet to come."

The thing is that we are creating the future based on our present, so by living in the moment, day by day, we can create a future according to our beliefs and values.

Another thing is that happiness is a feeling with a short life, by definition happiness is a state of pure joy and excitement, but it's the top of the iceberg. Rather than chasing happiness, we should look for satisfaction.

Where is there the difference you ask?

Well, satisfaction describes a state of being, where you are calm and simply satisfied with your life, where there are still problems to handle.

Because there is not a "perfect life" where all your problems are gone and there is no improvement at all. There is no "end line".

But why should we go for satisfaction?

Simply because it is a long lasting positive feeling. We are satisfied with our lives, even if it has it's flaws. We don't chase happiness, where everything is perfect and beautiful.
We still experience it, but don't run after it.

Claudia xx

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