In today’s age, where people have become tired of watching shows on the television, the audience is getting attracted more towards the trending online web series. The concept of web series came into existence in the early 2000’s and now it’s on a boom as many people have turned their backs towards boring television shows which keep going for years and don’t provide any entertainment or are in any way relatable to people. So people have started watching web series which are fun and relatable because the content in them is highly focused towards the target audience and provides them entertainment on the go through the use of internet. The content of these web series arouses people’s interest as they find it more relatable and convincing than compared to the over dramatic daily soaps which are aired on the television.  These days, we know which show is going to or has already become a hit in the world if posts related to it start circulating over different social media handles, this makes the show trending and increases its visibility throughout the audience. A nascent but definite revolution is brewing in the world of internet. Web series or shows meant exclusively for the internet are catching the fancy of audiences, and, as an extension, of content producers and advertisers.

In India, the concept of web series merged into people’s lives slowly as earlier they used to watch boring television shows and now they binge on web series everyday as if it’s a part of their lives. You can see people watching web series of all kinds of genres like action, drama, fiction etc while they are traveling in the metro and their heads are struck onto their smartphones as they binge watch a web series online or download it offline on the respective smartphone apps. Production houses like TVF, Y films and AIB gave a new twist to this era of web series as they keep making short web video content in which there are not many episodes and the length of each episode is not too large so people find it more convenient and feasible to watch them.

This business took a huge turn when Netflix, the most popular streaming service in the world opened its doors for the Indian market. People started subscribing to the different plans provided by Netflix in order to binge watch their favorite and the world’s most popular web series, originally produced by Netflix, on their smartphones. Today, so many people use Netflix to watch web series and they are not interested in watching the shows which are broadcasted on the television, they prefer watching web series either on YouTube or Netflix. Netflix has created a revolution in the world of web series and internet; people are subscribing to it and immersing themselves in the world of fresh shows and web series that they can watch on their smartphones anywhere, anytime. Recently, the Indian audience started demanding a Netflix original web series based out of India and little did they know Netflix was already working on producing some of India’s finest in house productions. This led to the launch of shows like Sacred Games and Lust Stories which has become a talk of the town these days and everyone is going crazy about it, the whole internet is filled with memes and dialogues from the show.

Amazon is also not behind in this race as they launched their own streaming service, Amazon Prime video and now it has got over 22 million subscribers worldwide. Earlier they used to stream the web series which were popular and were produced by others and now just like Netflix’s originals it has also started producing different kinds of web series which has become a huge success amongst the audience.

Because of the revolution created by web series, there have been many kinds of opportunities for struggling actors, writers etc. who were not able to get their hands on a good project, with the age of web series and the big movie stars being busy with their shoots, the underdogs have got a chance to work in these web series and through which they are able to showcase their talent.

Based on a survey done by a company, most of the people these days prefer watching TV shows and web series on their smartphones and they prefer downloading these web series first instead of streaming them online and for that one needs a smartphone which has got a good storage memory and super high definition display. Smartphones like Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 that comes with an advanced FHD displays and high storage, Oppo F7, Xiaomi Note 5 etc have a good storage space and are also not hard on the pocket, you can pick phones like these and watch your favorite web series on them whenever you want and wherever you want.

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