What blows my mind every morning is the sunrise.  Each one is different, and yet it is the same Sun!  The Sun is an original that can be as risky as it wants by changing its appearance as often as it wants, and no one will ever complain.

I am sure that with the creation of the Universe that the Sun did not have to sign an agreement on how it would appear, how it would behave, it just was.  And yet, the Sun has an inventive capacity that is always fresh.

I wonder at times how much we are like the Sun.  The Sun could make the choice to just rise as a big yellow ball in the sky, or it can choose to reject the default, be the conformist, or be the best self it could be.  The sun is definitely an original…

The Sun, I guess, is a chosen child of the Universe.  It knows its purpose, and that is big.  It consistently carries out its purpose with the only opposition being the other meteorological  characters.  They all know their purposes.

And yet, each of us is a chosen child of the Universe with our own purpose.  Somehow, we struggle more than other Universal creatures to carry out that purpose, or sometimes we have a hard time finding that purpose.  And we sometimes think that this is really risky business when we find our purpose only to see that it definitely goes against the grain of the expected.  We have a choice to be a conformist or be an original, to take a fresh path, to take the initiative, and to explore our inventive capacity.  And yet, those are the things that probably will make us happiest.

Martin Luther King definitely went against the grain.  He was a pioneer!  Four words depicted what Martin Luther King was all about:  “I have a dream!”  He changed the world.

You and I can change the world as well.  We must give power to our truth; we must find our truth and then live it.  No, it is not easy.  Great minds like Einstein always felt that great spirits encountered opposition from mediocre minds.

Using the Sun as a daily reminder and role model, we are the same every day and we are different.  It is a path to happiness to be an original.  Can you shine like the Sun?

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Published by Janice Marie