My Brothers and Sisters,


As I follow the 2016 United States Presidential Campaigns, watching the news broadcast, rallies, talk shows, debates, polling, commentaries, news paper editorials, radio broadcasts, and endless surrogate arguing to defend, support and supposedly elevate their candidate, I am reminded that what is IN the world is FOR the world.


Like many Americans and people around the world, I remain interested, even interactive, offering my own opinions and discourse. I find the overall schematics and concept of democracy-at-work engaging and representative of man's effort to better himself and work towards common goals. One of the greatest examples of this is exemplified in our coming together to form a government chosen by the people, whom it represents, to make laws and assume responsibility for the welfare of its citizens. Having said all that, in order to paint an ideal picture of how the system was created to work, in theory, I must juxtapose that ethereal image against the present day political junkyard collage that depicts REALITY.

My, how brash and depressing that sounds and if I stop here, I could accuse myself along with many others of being overly pessimistic, for certainly there are dark undertones of sarcasm, distrust and exasperation. But, would I be any different than many others who have been exhausted by the pettiness, deception, lies, racism, bigotry, sexism, scandals and conspiracies which have underlined the electoral process of this historical and bazaar presidential race?


Nonetheless, what I hope to emphasize is that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! --And invite those who wish to join me to shout these three words all the way to campaign headquarters in New York and hope it echoes back to Washington, D.C. 


If it were only so simple to utter those words and INSTANTLY ALL WOULD FALL INTO PLACE AND BE WELL, allowing us to get down to business. Yet, where would it fall? On what side would it fall?


CLEARLY, it is time for CHANGE, but not the TYPE of change that EITHER candidate is talking about. The world has changed and turned its back on God. Hence, God is showing us the chaos and confusion of a chaotic and confused world, where Godly principles and morals, have been tossed aside by those who are all about SELF--and inflicting the rest of the world with deprecating "isms" .


Nationalism, racism, sexism, terrorism, fanaticism, egocentricism, religious extremism and all manners of lust, hatred, greed and power hunger now rule society, because those who call themselves BELIEVERS have compromised, fallen asleep, become complacent or apathetic, or felt powerless to do anything about it.


Some feel that by completely ISOLATING or SEPARATING themselves from mainstream society, they can remove any threats or bad influences and not have to worry about what's happening in the rest of the world. However, that's not the kind of SEPARATISM God is referring to, when He tells us to separate ourselves from the world.


When we become BORN AGAIN, we become citizens of God's Kingdom, having a NEW MIND, putting God's Kingdom FIRST and not the things of this world. We are still IN the world but our THINKING and WAYS are not like those people who are OF the world. We are separated from love of the flesh and the world. 


Therefore, those who TRULY BELIEVE, KNOW that we are NOT powerless, we are CHOSEN as ambassadors to REPRESENT JESUS in ALL WALKS OF LIFE, we are commissioned to bring in the lost, awake the sleeping and increase discipleship and the Kingdom. We KNOW that just as one BAD man can turn the world upside down, THE ONE, Who ALONE can be called GOOD--THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, can turn it right side up again. We rejoice in HIS Wisdom! His Grace and Mercy ENDURETH forever!


YES, it is difficult to watch the world turned over on its side, tilted, spinning crazily and about to spill out what little bit of humanity and morality it is hanging on to because we have allowed a system of deception, prejudice and lies to replace common decency, respect and love for our brother. IT HAS BEEN THERE ALL THE TIME, IN EVERY LEVEL OF SOCIETY! It wasn't even asleep! It was regularly practiced on those of lower socio-economic status and those of color, who were denied privileges and justice for no logical or legal reason, other than those in authority knew they could get away with it then and now.


Now, because of the rhetoric and proposed policies of Donald Trump, some people feel they have been handed a Racism Carte Blanche to go into a frenzy of unrighteousness and blame it on the President. They want us to believe that America was fine until we elected a Black President! Could it be that America was NEVER really fine, as far as racism goes and when a Black President was elected MANY Whites became even more overtly racist and discriminatory, acting out their frustrations in order to discredit the Black President whom they DESPISED? 


Those of us who love HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS can PRAISE GOD that He continues to watch over us. He has opened some NEW doors and SHED some NEW LIGHT upon the subject. He has introduced some new players and kept some old ones to help expose the putrid stench from the dark pits where groups of racists, sexists and conspirators have been cooking their stew of hatred for centuries, feeding it to those with dark and hardened hearts, who are selfish, lascivious, gluttonous and hungry for power to oppress, persecute, destroy and annihilate.


What God has done, no one but HE can undo. He has unleashed the legendary monster, the Kraken and made it a reality! Now, the world must make a sacrifice, not to the idols of myths and tales, but to the ONE AND ONLY GOD ON HIGH, ELOHIM, JEHOVAH GOD, THE GREAT I AM!


Those who love to accuse others of being crooked, shall become tangled within the Kraken, the twisted monster, they themselves have created, having walked a twisted and crooked path to do mischief, thinking no one can see. GOD has seen and God has judged! Those who accuse others of weaving webs to trap, will become entangled in their own web of lies, deception and conspiracy. 


TRUE CHANGE MUST HAPPEN! Yet, ONLY GOD can direct and execute the DIVINE nature of TRUE CHANGE.  Can America, one man or woman reprogram the minds of the populace, who have embraced ideology born out of darkness?  Can America prevent another election, be it local, state or federal government, from being tainted by darkness, where: people take sides for personal gain; family members and friends become enemies; a candidate who wages a demonic, racist and hostile campaign; a candidate who uses his candidacy to front racial and religious hatred groups who descriminate and terrorize American citizens; a candidate who aids enemy governments seeking to undermine democracy, interfere with the electoral process and sway the election in their favor for profit and gain; candidates and surrogates who take pride in demeaning others and leading conspiracies against the President; people who gloat over harming others and keeping someone down; prevent inexperienced, unqualified, temperamental, base character and morally inept people to run for a highly sensitive and sophisticated government office, where they must make decisions which have generational, and international impact, affecting people and the environment not only for current circumstances and events, but may impact overall health, safety and welfare of the future human race? The IRRESPONSIBILITY of the Republican Party and the question of accountability cannot go unanswered.


Moreover, those believing that Mike Pence is the answer to the Republican Party's doldrums and Donald Trump's understated "UNFITNESS" are still very much in the dark, grasping for straws and hoping for too much from a man who doesn't understand that being a Follower of Jesus, a Christian, doesn't entail compromising one's integrity and that Godly principles must be upheld on ALL issues and standards in life, not just anti-abortion. Godly principles do not COMPROMISE AT ALL. One doesn't lie to get ahead for oneself and certainly not for those one KNOWS doesn't represent or embrace God's principles, Holiness and Righteousness! Nor can Pence  JUSTIFY his choices and decisions by believing he is offering balance, normality, and stability, while covering up sin and promoting darkness.  


Mike Pence has PROVEN he is FOR SALE to the HIGHEST BIDDER for the highest office in the country and the world. Pence has SOLD his soul and DOES NOT REPRESENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!! His hypocrisy is loathsome! He criticizes others for the very same behavior he is engaging in, while he PRETENDS to be PIOUS!!! He has joined hands with DARKNESS, chosen the company of God's enemies and played the FOOL for the adversary. His word is of no more value than the lies that spew from Donald Trump or his cohorts, for he upholds them, vouches for them, elevates them to elevate himself and God is not pleased. He has condemned himself. He will one day find out that Satan's PAY FOR PLAY IS WITHOUT MERCY OR REDEMPTION.


A vote for either Trump or Pence will lead our country into destruction and cost the lives of many people.


How can one REASON to praise a man who blatantly lies to save a scoundrel and a fraud? Is Pence worthy of praise because he lies eloquently? Then, no wonder we are faced with Donald Trump, Alt-right, the Klu Klux Klan, and Vladimir Putin, today.


Take HEED! BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER! Just because one caws and screeches and the other one sings doesn't mean they won't both peck your eyes out! Be not deceived!!! We are faced with deceitful hearts wearing different masks! One turns a blind eye to the corruption around him, foolishly believing he is not a part of it.


I look at my hands and know that I am nothing without God. I look at my face and know that I am nothing without God. I feel the beat of my heart and know that it continues because of God. As the tears well up in my eyes and my heart is overflowing with gratefulness at the realization of His majesty and grace and the love that He has bestowed upon me, I am humbled. What great wonder it must be to sit at His feet and gaze upon His throne. What is God? Who is God? An extraterrestrial being? I believe He is beyond our realm of thinking and cannot be categorized as a species of any inner or outer world.


But, these men, what do they see when they look in the mirror? When they look at their hands which have toiled for the adversary? Do they praise and glorify God as they LIE? They play God for a fool, believing He cannot see their hearts. If they play God for a fool, then what do they think of you and me? Are we even a thought amongst their VANITY?


My Brothers and Sisters, Are you on the LORD'S SIDE? It is the ONLY side to be on now and ALWAYS, not just when it is convenient for us to put on a face of godliness in order to pass judgement, deny rights and impose laws!!! If you are on the LORD'S SIDE, then you see Mike Pence for what he is A LOST SOUL!!!


 When this election is over, YOU will have to look in the mirror, God's mirror, which will show your TRUE self. WHAT will you see? Will it look like Jesus, who obeyed and loved His Father? Or, will it be a twisted, distorted, grotesque reflection of the flesh in darkness and bondage to a sinful and dying world? Will you have loved your neighbors as yourself and put God, His Will, Ways and Kingdom FIRST?


Then, do not follow after vain men, hiding behind masks of deception, who flatter you with vain promises. Trust in the Lord!


Many believe that both candidates are equally bad. Search your heart and you will know that it is not so. One candidate, Donald Trump, is deranged, egocentric, a megalomaniac, racist, misogynist, bigot, a con man, vindictive, representing all manner of sin and Darkness, plotting, scheming and conspiring; working against the people, not for the people, because he only seeks to please himself. That's what his campaign is all about--pleasing Donald Trump. He has no RESPECT FOR OR FEAR OF GOD!


We as BELIEVERS have been complacent. We have been silent. We have been self-indulgent and God has allowed a tyrannical monster to arise to power in our midst.




God is engaged with our lives, on every level, every day. He's waiting for you to respond in-kind. Young and old alike, it is time to DO YOUR FAIR SHARE !


STOP accepting every SELF-PROCLAIMED CHAMPION who comes along!


Peel away the scales from your eyes blinding you to believe that even if Trump is elected, God is going to make everything fine because we DESERVE IT! NO, we don't deserve it and that's why we're in this predicament. God wants US to CHANGE and be the people He created us to be. He doesn't want us to be in darkness, easily taken in and ruled by men like Trump. Or finding our IDENTITY in a POLITICAL PARTY, feeling we MUST remain LOYAL to conservatism, tradition and ideology. GOD SHOULD COME FIRST! Yet, He always gives us a choice and hopefully, we make the choice we can live by; for we will be accountable for our decisions on the Day of Judgment. 


God will allow us to fall to teach us a lesson. However, that is NOT the only way to learn right from wrong. If it were, God wouldn't have given us preachers, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles, parents, grandparents, elders, leaders, and above all, He wouldn't have sent His Holy Spirit and JESUS!!!


There was a time, when I believed that pain, punishment and suffering was the only way for mankind to learn, but then I came to TRULY KNOW JESUS!







He will heal and bless the land.



your servant and soldier,





ARE YOU ON THE LORD'S SIDE? Lyrics by Mishael T


Are you on the Lord's side 
Or, are you led by your pride
Tell me my brothers
Tell me my sisters 
Do you know, do you know why Jesus died?

He died for you
He died for me 
That we would live in Victory!


Surrender, surrender my friends and let Jesus abide
For Satan has told you so many lies
Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life
He is our Peace to end all suffering and strife

Come follow Jesus, Conquer the world 
Come follow Jesus, Conquer the world 
If you're on the Lord's side
Conquer the world
If you're on the Lord's side
Conquer the world
Conquer the world

He rose to ascend to Heaven above
And commanded us, that we should love
He died for you
He died for me 
That we would live in Victory! 


Come follow Jesus, Conquer the world 
Come follow Jesus, Conquer the world 
If you're on the Lord's side
Conquer the world
If you're on the Lord's side
Conquer the world

Follow, follow, follow, follow 
We can conquer the world, 
Conquer the world
Follow Jesus, follow Jesus,
He'll lead us to conquer the world 
Are You On The Lord's Side?
Follow Jesus, follow Jesus,
Are You On The Lord's Side?

Published by Mishael T