We're entering September, which means we'll be seeing more scarecrows, sweaters and pumpkin-flavored sweets. Since the true fall season doesn't begin until 9/22, though, you have a little bit of time to see if YOU are truly ready for school, Halloween and PSLs...So take the quiz below, keep up with your answers, and feel free to share your results with us on Twitter!
1. All my Facebook friends are over here still uploading vacation pics, but I'm already planning Instagram-worthy posts that feature...
a. my pet. b. pumpkin spice lattes, of course. c. my #ootd. d. I never post on IG.
2. Some may complain that stores already have Halloween decorations out. Me...?
a. I guess I could go ahead and look, especially for my pet's costume! b. I'M PUMPED! c. I already have several costumes stowed away, one to wear to each party I attend! d. I'm not done enjoying summer yet!
3. When I see leaves changing on trees, I...
a. think about taking brisk walks through crunching leaves. b. imagine what my outdoor Halloween decor will look like amongst them. c. don't actually really notice stuff like that. d. want to cry; I need sun, surf and sand...or snow.
4. My favorite holiday is _____, because...
a. Fourth of July...everyone - kids, aunts, dogs, friends, coworkers - gathers for a big backyard barbecue bash! b. Thanksgiving...sweaters, hot cocoa, the parade, warm pie, football...the list goes on! c. New Year's Eve...I get to partayyy. d. Labor Day...I get to sleep in/skip work.
5. Back-to-school shopping makes me...
a. thankful I get to update my wardrobe. b. tingle - Helllllllo, fall! c. have life; I NEED regular retail therapy. d. gag. How can it already be time for school?
6. I think I'll carve this year's jack-o-lantern to look like...
a. my pet, of course. b. a vampire. Well, one of them. Then there will a family of ghosts, and I thought I'd paint one to look like candy corn. c. yours truly;) d. Carve? A pumpkin? Me? No, thanks:/
Mostly As: You enjoy exploring the great outdoors, with your furry friend by your side, taking on the land, the world and life, full-speed ahead! 
Mostly Bs: You are DEFINITELY ready for the upcoming season, scary parties, yummy feasts - all of it!
Mostly Cs: Whatever the weather, whatever the month, you shine! 
Mostly Ds: You may not be ready for cooler weather, but look at it this way...holiday breaks = the perfect times to curl up under the blankets and hibernate!

Published by Bri Thomas