The Gilmore Girls are coming back and there is no doubt that the GG fandom is going bananas in anticipation of the same. And as if we weren’t jumpy enough, Netflix went ahead and set up a pop-up Luke’s Diner to rev our excitement up several notches!

Just when we were recuperating from the adrenaline of the pop-up diner and other GG fan phenomenon, Brooklyn’s Ample Hills Creamery dropped one more bomb. Playing on the up building hype, the ice cream store plans to debut a GG-themed flavour, and it’s calling on Sookie St. James worshippers to come up with the name and recipe of this new gelato.


Portrayed by the gorgeous Melissa McCarthy, Sookie St. James was the fun yet perfection-loving chef at the Independence Inn. St. James is known for turning her workplace – the kitchen – upside down when she’s on her job. So we’re guessing the new recipe genius has to be equally – if not more – enthusiastic about creating food.

Of course the task comes with a prize! According to the Creamery, the winner gets a free pint, a cup of coffee, and an invitation to Friday night dinner.

Posted early last week, the contest requires contestants to submit flavour names and recipes via comments on their Instagram post. The last day for entries is October 31, and as of now the response has been nothing short of overwhelming. Given the hoopla around Gilmore Girls, we are not surprised and can almost hear all the ka-ching in the Brooklyn-based shop’s kitty!

Published by Hungry Forever