Are you working woman? A college student or housewife perhaps? Certainly, you must be spending time in beautifying yourself with the help of beauticians regularly, at frequent intervals. It follows that you seek the help of professionals working in a beauty salon run by local people. Now forget them all. Here is the best alternative – Salon at Home in Kolkata.

Yes – this is good news for the womenfolk of Kolkata, falling in all age-groups. The nation-wide fame multiple services providers, who come to the help of people in providing an array of different services – more than 70 plus of them – UrbanClap is here to help you too, by their salon in Kolkata, which is just a click away online. You can download an exclusive app from their website, and in a jiffy get their expert service in beautification at your home.

An intro about Salon at Home in Kolkata:

Whenever anyone wants to avail the services of a spa or a beauty salon, all they need to do is click the app in their hand-phone, and ask for an appointment at UrbanClap. If you request for an appointment on anytime convenient to you on a Friday night, you can readily get that appointment fixed for the Saturday morning.

You can make a mention about the exact beautification service required for you so that the beautician will come prepared for that.

This company has a well-trained team of beauticians, who have done beautification service at home to different kinds of women customers. You will get the name and photo of the beautician to be sent by this Best Salon in Kolkata.

The beautician will arrive at your doorsteps sharp like clock-work, 15 minutes before your appointment time. Within no time your bedroom will be converted into the “workplace”, with the desired environ and all the apparatuses, herbal oils, substances and incidentals including white towels will be spread on the table, for ready use.

You can sit on a comfortable cushion, feeling at ease and very relaxed. The deft hands of the beautician will start working on your body, and the entire work will be undertaken with exclusive care. Thus you get a totally new experience of comfort by this Salon at Home in Kolkata. 

Compare the difference in between a local beauty salon in Kolkata and the one provided by Salon at Home in Kolkata:

Hassles and handicaps of the local salon:

  • Kolkata is a densely populated city. Therefore the commuting to the salon will be hectic in heavy traffic. You have to search for a parking place and experience the same hassle in return again.
  • There will be a big queue and you are one among several customers waiting there, murmuring with impatience when the time runs.
  • The environment may not be to your liking with an unhygienic scenario, but you have to bear with this.
  • Your beautician will be in a hurry to finish the work quickly and attend the next customer.

Advantages of Salon at Home Service:

  • No commuting; nothing to get vexed. The beautician will be at your home promptly. You save a lot of time and energy.
  • You are the only person being attended with full concentration of the beautician.
  • You can talk to the other woman privately, and get beauty tips, suggestions and explanation about the herbal substances used etc.
  • Save hugely on money and time, since the charges are very low
  • Boast with your friends about hiring best beauty salon in Kolkata from Urban Clap

Now get the benefits of Salon at home in Kolkata and enjoy their services at your doorstep.

Published by Kristin Perry