When it comes to rating and reviewing a book, people have a certain way of doing it, a way that defines them. We should not – and I underline that – copy them when it comes to it. Everyone reviews in their own manner, using their own words and expressing their personal thoughts – that’s what a review means, in fact – regarding a book, a product or a service.
Books that you marked with 5 stars, in other people’s view may actually be somewhere around 3 or 4 stars, sometimes even less than that. It all depends on the tastes – which are different from one person to the other.

Even, when giving a book recommendation to someone – though the genre is something you share with them, not the same goes with the story that’s being written inside that beautifully crafted cover. Just like in writing, you have to find your own voice, you know, the one voice that defines you the most. Copying other people’s thoughts about something, certainly doesn’t help with anything.

Everyone is unique in their way and so are the ratings and reviews they write and give. You may have come across a friend who read a book that you completely enjoyed all the way – actually devoured it like a chocolate bar – , and despite the fact that you’ve given the book 5 stars and praised it, your friend didn’t think that it was really that mind-blowing-awesome kind of book. Truth be told, people are different and like I said in the beginning, unique. Some people may have given it the same rating and praise that you’d given it, but others don’t share the same feelings.

Now, I don’t know about how you guys give book ratings but this is how I do it. Sometimes I wish there were more than just 5 stars ∗she sighs heavily∗.

– 1 star for the book cover
– 2 stars for the way the book is written
– and another 2 stars for the story

As you can see, for me it’s not the book cover that’s important – though I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t choose some books by that very criteria – , but the story and the way it is being said. In my opinion, that should be everything that counts when picking up a book to read (and review), and not the cover. You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. The way the author/narrator says the story is everything – at least to me. While sometimes the blurb (or synopsis) may wink at you and try to lure you in, the writing may disappoint you. I’ve had my fair share of these disappointments over time, too. Why would I lie about it ?

The book market is divided in two categories – this comes strictly from my own POV – as it is :

a) books that are good even though their covers aren’t that amazing – these are the books you pick up from a library shelf and test it to see. After reading the first sentence right there in the library, you immediately decide that you need to buy it – even though it wasn’t on your TBR pile. Been there, done that.

b) books that are tempting (and that’s just about all there is) – these are the books that have a very attractive – alluring even – covers, reviews are being shared like 50/50, so they leave you hanging like “Should I really buy it ?”, and after that come the friends’ opinions “My friends say that this book is awesome, and I should definitely read it”. This is the moment when I decide to buy an e-book instead of a print, and if the book is really good, then I’ll buy it in print. Now, I’m not a person who is a fan of digital books – I rather feel it in my hands, smell it (let’s face it, who doesn’t sniff books) – but sometimes that seems to be a very good decision to make.

The thing that I want to point out in this post is that you should be yourself when writing a review for a book – and not only. The writer wants to know your very own opinion not someone else’s and they always appreciate honesty – just like most of us.

Now, that being said….Who is willing to share the way they’re rating a book with me, leave a comment below. 

Published by Cristina Piciu