Do you now somebody in your country who is ready to leave almost everything and travel the world with a minimum budget. On a bicycle? Alone?

I thought that I didn't now either, but then I heard about Steve. Croatian rap singer that,  after losing his company ,  worked like a pizza boy when he decided to go on the trip around the world with bicycle. Well, the main idea is not to travel just because he has some free time and he is feeling bored in Zagreb. Steve wants to make something for his family and for himself. He is looking for the opportunity and when it comes he will grab it.

He didn't have any sponsors (a lot of them didn't even answer to his e-mails) , only his friends and relatives that collected some money just to even start the journey. Also, Steve didn't have his own bike either , just his friends old one that was not in a good condition. But it was a start.  One of the biggest Croatian newspaper company called Vecernji list gave him a place where he can write a blog (only on Croatian language) on his journey and the bike store Giant Croatia gave him a big discount on the bicycle, so he was able to take a journey with proper bike.















For now he has passed through Slovenia, Italy and France. Currently he is in Spain. Sometimes he is sleeping in a park, on the bench with bike locked on his hand. Sometimes all he need is one euro to buy himself a baguette. But sometimes, on his way, he finds good people that are ready to host him, feed him or even give him something to work so he can make some money.

You can follow him on his Facebook page ( he is writing posts both on Croatian and English language) and maybe help him in some way.

"I didn't honestly laughed last couple of months until I started my journey around the world with my bike.

They said that I wouldn't cross the border because I haven't rode a bike since elementary school. Hardly anyone gave me any chance at all, except for my godfather and my mother, whom the shrinks told when I was in kindergarten that I'm to hyperactive kid, who doesn't feel pain. I fell on my head and continued to play and laughed whole bloody while the other children screamed.

Just so, I laughed when I started the trip because I knew I have a heart as big as Zagreb and there's no way that I'll break my word!

Sometimes I sleep on the street, sometimes in the house with a swimming pool and laughing like an idiot with all my heart!" Steve Ludin



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