I came with a flight to San Francisco airport after traveling for 22 hours (Started with a 2 hours car trip with my dad, waited in the airport for hours, flight for 13 hours) And saw my sweet Precious waiting in her cage next to the luggage, tired and confused. I have to say that i am chocked that no one was watching her, and that they just put her there so anyone could take her. No one even checked if she belonged to me.
I am just grateful that no one else took her before i got there.
Anyway she was so happy to see me, and i was just happy to finally had landed (I am terrified of flying!) and could get my dog back, and see my husband for the first time in almost 3 month.
Abraham was waiting outside and we hurried op and took Precious to a park so she could get some exercise and air, before we left for a 7 hours car trip to Riverside, and our new
home. The Trip went well, even though both me and Precious was exhausted.
And we finally arrived to the place that was gonna be our new home.

Abraham had found the apartment, and moved in a week before i arrived.
The place is a two bedroom apartment, with one and a half bathroom, a small living room / kitchen and a big garage - which of cause by now is full of all sorts of things we don't know where to put.
The apartment itself is very different from what I'm used to in Denmark. The walls are yellow and brown and there is a dark carpet on the flour in almost every room.
In Denmark i have never lived in a place with other than white walls and wooden floors, the whole style here is so different. Not that it is a bad thing, but it is far from the Scandinavian style that i love and adore.

We spend the first few weekends in a million different stores trying to find what we needed in our new home.
It was hard to find the right things, when we also where on a tight budget.
It is not cheap to move so far away from home!
But we finally got settled, and the everyday life began.
Abraham worked from 8-5 and had school 2 times a week from 7-10 so there was a lot of time to spend alone.
I started my food blog, so i had something to do, and also because i really do love cooking!
I tried out a lot of new recipes, and gave myself a challenge to make food after every letter in the alphabet. My husband sure enjoyed trying a lot of new things!
So most of my days were spend walking Precious, cooking, blogging, reading and explore the neighborhood. The days were slow and i didn't really talk to other people than my husband and his family.
Bottom line is, it is lonely to leave your country!
With time it has gotten easier, and i find new ways to spend my days, we have now finally (almost) finished our furniture hunting and i enjoy redecorating the place.
I am also creative, and started crafting and of cause the last few weeks, been playing around with the baking business idea.
Now i just need to get out there, and start meeting new people!

Published by Julie Røjsmose