Tell anyone you have an artistic ability and those who don't share that skill will say "I can't even draw stick figures." For those individuals who have the ability to draw just as you, a conversation full of art jargon may occur. What most don't realize is the one thing in common, whether you can "art" or not, is the fear surrounding it.  Then follows "I wish..." statements. I wish I could draw like that, I wish I could make things like that, I wish I could be more organized, etc. These are stemmed from fear, fear that prevents you from doing these simple things. Fear that holds you back because you are afraid to fail when all it takes is just doing it.

The secret is this...

Create, practice, just do it.

Fear should drive your creativity and make you create things because practice is what makes you better. When I was in middle school I sat myself down and one day decided I wanted to look at boxes and examine their form and shadow. Why I had this thought I have no idea but from there on out I was recreating things, discovering ways to develop an object in pencil and other mediums. As for conquering my fears, I don't think I'm one to talk. Fear has been something that has held me back my entire life. When I started the transition from being a teenager to an actual adult, I forced myself to do the things I was most afraid of and while some of these things made me feel invincible, I still resist attempting certain tasks.

Conquering your fears allows you to advance in several ways. It is a learning experience that creates growth in your work, as an individual, and enables you to have confidence in yourself.

Published by Brie Henderson